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Sunday, November 7, 2010

What a Week (and a Contest Heads-up...)

It's been a big week and a half for me in the blogosphere. I've been keeping busy to avoid NaNo-envy (*grins*). Here are some of the things that have happened:

I entered Brenda Drake's Never-ending Scene (or cliffhanger--whatever) Blogfest, and was chosen as a semi-finalist for my entry. I received an honorable mention thanks to your votes, with the prize being a first 250-words critique from C.A. Marshall (woot!).

I interviewed Rachel Morgan, one of our Crusaders, for The Insider Scoop. It was wonderful getting to know her better.

We had a cool time with our Second Crusader Challenge, and congratulations go to The Weed (one of the newest Crusaders) for the winning entry. Well done for a seamless insertion of Kartofflepuffer into your post, plus the other random Challenge words! Look our for The Weed's Insider Scoop interview coming soon. And one of these days I'll manage to design that winner's badge, promise.

In my own entry in the Second Crusader Challenge, I revealed 13 things you may not know about me. Actually, I think I'm going to make an "About Me" page on Rach Writes..., so I'll be asking you what kind of things you want to know about me over the coming weeks.

Would you believe it, there are 49 Crusaders! Wow, so close to the big 5-0, and an amazing response considering I only started the Writers' Platform-Building Crusade at the end of September. I've had such a great time getting to know you all, and I'm looking forward to getting to know our newest Crusaders much better as well.

I went in the Second Logline Critique Session over at Miss Snark's First Victim, and received some fantastic feedback on my From The Other Side logline. That's in preparation for the Baker's Dozen Auction (more on that a little later).

Then I entered Steena Holmes's Logline Blogfest with my Evolution of a Logline post, had heaps of fun helping everyone with their loglines AND got some more fabulous feedback from all of you on my logline.

Thanks so much to Quinn over at Seeing, Dreaming...Writing for giving me The Versatile Blogger Award, and to J.C. Martin at J.C. Martin, Fighter Writer for my Beautiful Blogger Award. Squeeee!!!

What else...oh yes, I interviewed Hart Johnson for The Insider Scoop, and did my bit for the Naked World Domination Tour. It was great reading some of Hart's blogging tips as well!

And I did another Twitter Tip Thursday (ok, ok, it was on Saturday - will try to do better next week (*hangs head*))

Amongst all of that, some fantastic followers have come on board (*waves*). I can't wait to get to know you better, and I hope to get around and follow all those I've missed as soon as possible. Drop me a comment and say hi sometime, I love chatting with you all.

And, I'm taking a pick-axe to my manuscript with all the revising I'm doing (tee hee, I think V just got another idea - remind me to tell you about my "other" main character in From The Other Side some time... (*chortles*).

That's not to even mention all the busy-ness at home - I'll be moving cities in two months, and there's so much cleaning and throwing-out to do before then (ugh!). And my baby girl is only about a week off crawling, so I can see my life getting so much more hectic as I chase her around the house (aaargh!).

FYI, I've had so much fun playing with loglines this week that I've volunteered Rach Writes... for a re-critique for the 25 entrants who took part in the Second Logline Critique Session over at Miss Snark's First Victim. So don't be surprised if you see a lot of short posts from me this coming Thursday (watch out for mine, #4). I'll be posting more on that tomorrow...

So as to not leave you out of all the fun though, I'm having a little logline critique CONTEST all of my own, so make sure you check out tomorrow's post (woot!!!).

Phew, I think that pretty much takes care of everything, for now... What have you done this week? I hope it was something relaxing!


Michael Di Gesu said...


SO much has been going one with your Rach. Where are you moving to? It is so much work. And now you baby's going to crawl all over everything. You definitely will be crazed! How cute is she ... what a great age!

I'm looking forward to your contest. Have a great night!


Denise Covey said...

You've worn me out with that list! All the best with your move which will be difficult with a little baby!

The Crusade is still growing. Great meeting new people and learning from them.

I've been caught up with NaNo - I'm pretty much on track. Not easy, but fun. I've also been busy popping around the blogosphere, getting blogfests chosen for when NaNo is over. Getting blog posts up is a challenge, but I've managed a few during NaNo.

So, congrats on all the things you've achieved, Rachel - contests, bloglines etc etc.

Have a great week..:)

Jenny Beattie said...

I don't know how you do it. I feel a bit like I'm failing to keep up here in Blogland at the moment. I do mean to get around to everyone's blogs but I have so much work to do, it's going to be slooooowwwww....

Anonymous said...

wow, what a week.
yay for the awards

Alison Pearce Stevens said...

Wow, you've been busy! Congratulations on all of your accomplishments and awards.

I totally missed the second challenge while I was traveling, but will try not to miss out on the third. Thanks for your query/revision advice.

Bast said...

Wow! I got tired just reading about your week. i realize that may sound bad, but I just meant ... wow! You're pretty busy.

Congrats on the awards! Looking forward to the contest.

Julie Hedlund said...

Wow - I'm exhausted just reading this post. Plus, now I'm feeling a little like a slacker - lol.

Thanks for all that you are doing for the Crusade and the writing community in general.

Abby Minard said...

Wow, you've been REALLY busy! Congrats on the awards and the first 250 crit! I agree with Julie- I'm exhausted from just reading it too!

Rachael Harrie said...

@Michael, hey, she is so cute :) Moving from Sydney, Australia to Canberra. Big change - Canberra's a LOT smaller!!!

@L'Aussie, thanks so much. You've been pretty busy yourself lately, NaNo + all those great posts :)

@Jenny, hope you saw my comment on your blog. You're doing great, try not to stress about it :)

@Michelle, hey thanks!

@Alison, thanks so much. No probs at all, sounds like you've been busy yourself. Hope you had a great time travelling :)

@Quinn, I know, I got tired all over again just writing about it. Couldn't believe how long the list was, no wonder I need more sleep ;)

@Julie, tee hee, nonsense! LOL. Hey, no problems at all, glad I can do my bit :)

@Abby, here's to not having another week like that!!! Thanks heaps, have really enjoyed wandering round your blog :P

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