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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Twitter Tip Thursday (Thanksgiving Special)

Dessert anyone?
Here are some of the tips and useful links I've come across on Twitter this week (I’m @RachaelHarrie if you want to follow me):


"Writing to Trends" A guest post by @sarablarson on Carol's Prints. http://bit.ly/ahy6Zb @cvaldezmiller


If You Can't Define Your Genre - How do you expect us to market it?: Is it something an agent can sell? http://bit.ly/a76NRR @4KidLit


Agent Terry Burns On: When NOT To Stand Out From the Crowd: Follow submission guidelines. http://bit.ly/9EmSz1 @4KidLit

DOs and DON'Ts of submissions http://bit.ly/fWS9AY @juliemusil


How about some cookies?
Publishing — The Synopsis: How to craft yours using Stuart's powerful process. http://bit.ly/94rnce @4KidLit

How To Write A 1-Page Synopsis: Fill in the blank worksheet!!!! http://bit.ly/eJfY1o @4KidLit

On writing:

Jotting down notes about my MC's. Love this phase of getting to know them. Here's my character worksheet: http://bit.ly/cObBNT @JodyHedlund

If you aren't fluent in another language, it's best not to include it in your manuscript. At least have someone check it. @SammyBina

RT @WritersDigest: PLOT VS CHARACTER author Jeff Gerke discusses conflict: http://ow.ly/3cHKW @juliemusil

Thoughts on references in your mss. and dating yourself http://ow.ly/3ctBZ @Kid_Lit

How to avoid the research distraction trap: An excellent tip for writing now and researching later. http://bit.ly/bHiRag @4KidLit

Find Your Plot Fridays: At the Core: The Premise and How it Ties it all Together: Interesting way to ... http://bit.ly/h2wSYG @4KidLit

Wine perhaps?
Are you writing every day? If not, here are 5 tips to help you write daily more easily. http://budurl.com/2g35 @WritingSpirit

The Pathway to Showing Emotion: In the book Characters, Emotion & Viewpoint: techniques and exercises for craft... http://bit.ly/hlr4GZ @StinaLL


Chapter Titles vs. Chapter Numbers http://bit.ly/aX03vI via @Dear_Editor @juliemusil


Revisions Week - Characters: Beginning a character collage. http://bit.ly/foch57 @4KidLit

Letting Action Define Your Characters: Five tips for improving your novel. http://bit.ly/e4tQsq @4KidLit

The Right Ending: Eight great questions to ask yourself. http://bit.ly/hQkIwY @4KidLit

Hilarious post about Revision Makeovers by @amyholderbooks http://bit.ly/cB32YD @juliemusil


Desperately needed: Distance: Important reminder about critiquing, editing, and putting your work in ... http://bit.ly/bZhlWw @4KidLit


Agent Spotlight on Victoria Marini (@tor_intheory) of Gelfman Schneider Literary Agents: http://bit.ly/95YER1 @Casey_McCormick

Best Literary Agents on Twitter: Work in progress. http://bit.ly/hWShSm @4KidLit


Correct link! --> PW article for writers - realities of advances, sales expectations, and smaller presses: http://bit.ly/b9iA5M @Natalie_Fischer

Dealing with Rejection:

What, you just want to rest?
Making the Most of Media Exposure: Don't give up when you've got requests, you're getting closer. http://bit.ly/9yEgnm @4KidLit


Why you should not use the same passwords for Social Media and your Critical Accounts http://j.mp/fzW1EM /via @ej_butler


Take key points from a post and tweet them as questions: title alone may not entice readers or call to action @aeringuy


#PiBoldMo another word of advice- http://coreyschwartz.blogspot.com/2010/11/piboidmo-another-word-of-advice.html @scubacor


@verlakey on how to survive tough times in the publishing industry: http://bit.ly/9JNSWj @CynLeitichSmith

What's THE most important characteristic a writer needs in order to reach publication? http://bit.ly/bjnyKD @JodyHedlund


The #pblitchat transcipt is up with lots of information about the contract mystery/monster thanks to @alexadsett. http://bit.ly/cbyNeb @KatApel


dolorah said...

This almost makes me want to sign up for Twitter.

Thank you for all the wonderful links. I think I've found my weekend project to check out all these resources.


Golden Eagle said...

Thank you for all the links!

Anonymous said...

As always your tips are entertaining and informative. Love all those cakes and cookies :O)

Anonymous said...

Wonderful tips again Rach! I could probably write a post on the DO's and Don'ts of submitting after this week :)

After sending emails from my personal email account to make sure they knew not to use other one, I discovered the other one was indeed working perfectly fine. Can you believe that? Nevermind, all I can do is wait now.

Marieke said...

Great tips!

And happy Thanksgiving! ;)

Joanna St. James said...

Thanx for the info Rach you rock! am not sure if im following you on twitter will go check

The Blogger Formerly Known As said...

Oooh, useful links. Just going through them now. Thanks :)

Happy Thanksgiving
The enigmatic, masked blogger

Abby Minard said...

Oh wow, this is great! Thank you so much for the links- very helpful!

Rachael Harrie said...

Hey guys, thanks so much for your comments. Glad you liked the tips (and the feast). Hope you had a great Thanksgiving :)

@Donna, twitter is useful. But takes a lot of time too :O

@Kangaroobee, gosh it keeps getting better doesn't it!

erica and christy said...

oh boy! lotsa links! i'll have to check back frequently to make it through those! thanks! christy

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