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Friday, August 9, 2013

Some bad news - cancelling the Campaign :(

Guys, I'm so sorry to disappoint, but we've had to cancel the Campaign :( Cally explains the reason here, so pop over if you want to have a read. Hopefully I'll be able to do another one sometime soon.

How about you: Do you sometimes face difficulty balancing family life and writing and/or blogging and networking? I know I do (one of the reasons for my blogging silence lately). What is your best tip for walking this tightrope?


Monday, July 29, 2013

The Fifth Writers' Platform-Building Campaign - coming soon to a blogosphere near you...!!!

So, what do you get when you cross 2 crazy Aussies, a mountain of coffee beans, a dozen broken lead pencils, a super-fast (we wish!) internet connection, and a barrel of squeeeeeees??? That's right...


If you're not sure what I'm talking about, pop up to my Campaign page above and have a read. Basically, I've run four Campaigns to date, each with an awesome turn-out of Campaigners - close to 500 Campaigners for one of them! We've even published an ebook with many of the Campaigner Challenge entries! If you're a beginner writer/blogger, someone who is looking to network with other writers, or a writer who wants to have fun and challenge themselves with some awesome Campaigner Challenges (and maybe win a prize or seven), these Campaigns are for you.

Yay! I'm so excited. And so is my new made-of-awesome partner, Cally Jackson. The post you want to read is HERE, because this time, Cally is going to be ringleader-extraordinaire of the adventure that is my Campaigns. She tells you all about it in her post, but in a nutshell, she missed the Campaigns so much that she asked if she could run one for me. Of course I said yes, we've been planning ever since, and September here we come! I'll still be involved and will be working with Cally every step of the way (and we're doing things much the same as in the past), but she's going to be your main point of contact as the Campaign progresses.

The dates you'll need to know are as follows:
  • 1 September: registration opens and the Campaign begins!
  • 7 September: registration closes and no more entries accepted (so don’t be late! )
  • 9-13 September: First Campaigner Challenge
  • 23-27 September: Second Campaigner Challenge
  • 30 September: Campaign ends
Cally will announce everything on her blog, and that's where the sign-up form will be on September 1, but I'll mirror most of her posts to remind you what's happening.

So, have you read Cally's post yet? Pop over to Cally Jackson Writes if you haven't, and don't forget to subscribe to her blog so you can get all the latest info about the Campaign as it comes out.

Are any of you as excited as I am??? :)

Monday, July 22, 2013

A little hello...

*knocks on internet*

I just wanted to break this long blogging silence to say hello to all you beautiful people out there. I've missed you all so much (more than I can say, actually!). How are you? What have you been up to - any exciting news? I can't wait to squee along with you!

Thanks to all of you who've dropped comments and sent me emails to check how I'm going and make sure everything is all right. I'm doing well, just needed to take some time to recuperate and recharge my batteries and concentrate on my family for a bit - I'm hoping that my break from writing and social media will make my work in the future even stronger :)

Guess what...I may have some exciting news (of the Campaign variety) to announce shortly, so stay tuned!!!

Can't wait to hear from you all.

Big hugs,

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