I write stuff for kids...and muse on writing, children's books, and the publishing industry in general

About Me

I used to write “nice” fiction until I realized my characters kept suffering from nasty author-induced tragedies. Now I’m happy writing YA Horror,  Dark Fantasy, and Psychological Thrillers and chortling when I come up with a particularly juicy scene. I spend my day imagining evil plot twists and psychotic characters, and thinking up ways to make you squirm. But don’t worry, I’m really a nice person!

I’m a lawyer-turned-writer and an Aussie to boot! I have a wicked sense of humor, a very loud wolf-whistle, and a fascination for all things Young Adult. I kill cacti (accidentally), I collect dragons, I adore emoticons and exclamation marks (but never in my manuscripts), and I used to have a dead fern called Prudence. Why? Cause everybody needs at least one dead fern in their lives.

I tweet occasionally, I blog religiously, and I organize Campaigns so writers can connect and network together. I love meeting new people around the blogosphere, so make sure you say hi, and come with me on this fascinating journey toward publication. Suitcases optional, but don't forget your computer!

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I've been interviewed:

By Laura Barnes at Laura B. Writer (October 1, 2011) (on platform-building)
By Cally Jackson at Cally Jackson Writes (July 14, 2011)
By Deana Barnhart, on platform-building (Part 1 and Part 2)
By Tessa Quin at The Quest For A Literary Agent
By Michelle Merril at Perfecting the Craft
By Marieke at Marieke's Musings

I've organized / been a part of organizing:

Publication of the Third Campaign Challenge Stories ebook to benefit "Help Harry Help Others" (November 2011)

Third Writers' Platform-Building Campaign (August to October 2011)

Write Hope 2011 (as a registered fundraiser for Save the Children Japan Disaster emergency relief fund)

Second Writers' Platform-Building Crusade (February to April 2010)

First Writers' Platform-Building Crusade (September to November 2010)

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