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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Twitter Tip Thurs...uh...Saturday (oops!)

Ok, I'm only a couple of days late (haven't been well the last couple of days, sorry). Anyway, here are some of the tips and useful links I've come across on Twitter this week (I’m @RachaelHarrie if you want to follow me):

"take your hook (1st sentence) and your consequence (last sentence) & delete everything in between. That's ur two-sentence pitch." Fm @ElanaJ @jafhedlund

Agent Dan Lazar On: Query Dos and Don'ts: 6 tips to tighten your query. http://bit.ly/aPgeMc @4KidLit

If you're looking for a crit partner/beta reader, tweet your genre & what you're looking for with the #betamatch hashtag! @yaHighway

Better At BETAing: Growing as a writer and a reader. http://bit.ly/cF4Ljg @4KidLit

A Lot of Critique is GREAT! If it all is in sync...: Stop and think about all the input. http://bit.ly/asXk8X @4KidLit

On Writing:
T3 - Facets of Grief: Cognitions: Realistic responses to a character receiving bad news. http://bit.ly/bXXVsE @4KidLit

The Great Semi-Colon Debate: The semi-colon as a period slumming. :D http://bit.ly/952Ysz @4KidLit

How High Are the Stakes? Building Better Conflict and Dilemma into Your Book: The greater goal, the more... http://bit.ly/bDcLHH @4KidLit

Some tips for adding backstory: "Use an eyedropper not a shovel" http://bit.ly/dh7iVn (via @paulgreci) @JodyHedlund

The Difference Between the Inciting Incident and the Catalyst: Superb explanation, guidelines, and reaso... http://bit.ly/b0UiaG @4KidLit

Flashbacks and Back-Story: Nice rules of thumb. http://bit.ly/cebaAe @4KidLit

Writing the Story Premise: The five elements you must have. http://bit.ly/b62hK0 @4KidLit

3 Mistakes Writers Make in the Quest for Publication: http://bit.ly/dzYLfM @JodyHedlund

Problems with your perspective? Scott recommends changing persepctive. http://bit.ly/bRurO2 @LiteraryLab

Want to stay out of the slush pile and impress an agent? Learn THIS key skill http://bit.ly/6VZVZ @KristenLambTX

Putting on my Reader Hat to Revise: Make your story flow and make sure that it is logical. http://bit.ly/ctKPXK @4KidLit

From the archives: Should I send a revision to an agent considering my work? http://ow.ly/2VOY6 @Kid_Lit

Writing Resources
Twitterific: Last week's writing links by @ElizabethCraig http://bit.ly/9owpWA @4KidLit

Picture Books/Early Readers/Chapter Books
What do I see, think, wonder? Encouraging visual literacy - reading the illustrations via @deystudio http://www.learnnc.org/lp/pages/669 @jothompsonillos

Want to get struck by lightning - I mean, inspiration? Check out my pre-#PiBoldMo post on @taralazar's blog http://wp.me/p7jVE-A2 @KarenCollum

Agent Spotlight: Pat White: She's seeking children's fiction and non-fiction. http://bit.ly/9Epmvb @4KidLit

39 Kid/YA Agents on Twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/mitaliperkins/agents/members @mitaliperkins

What if you have an offer from a publisher but you don't have an agent? http://bit.ly/d0JNim @RachelleGardner

Starting TODAY I'm accepting queries from the following: http://tinyurl.com/2u4zpyl @KOrtizzle

NaNo Checklist: Are you on track? http://bit.ly/cUG8bp @4KidLit

Helpful writing sites http://thegracefuldoe.wordpress.com/2010/10/31/helpful-writing-sites-and-blog-posts-october-2010-edition/ @thegracefuldoe

Great round-up of posts relating to #NaNoWriMo http://thebluestockingblog.blogspot.com/2010/11/resource-roundup-nanowrimo-edition.html @thegracefuldoe

People are discussing how to organize #PiBoldMo ideas in the comments. Come share your strategy! http://wp.me/pIkHt-Uu @jafhedlund


Bast said...

Great links again! Even if they are two days late ;)

Anonymous said...

Lots more great links, WOW where do you find the time to find them LOL! :O)

Unknown said...

Very useful, thanks so much. Carole.

Golden Eagle said...

Helpful links! Thanks for posting them. :)

Davin Malasarn said...

Wow! Thanks for all the cool links!

Colene Murphy said...

Amazingly helpful links!! Thanks so much!!

Joanna St. James said...

you should create a tab for these tips, thank you

erica and christy said...

Two days late, but worth the wait! Great tip links! thanks, christy

Nicole Zoltack said...

Awesome links! Hope you feel better soon, I'm sick too.

Denise Covey said...

Great links Rach. This must take you ages, so thank you. I've checked out the NaNo readiness one and will be back to look at some more..:)

Anonymous said...

hey wow! great links.
Thank you so much :D

Private said...

I like your twitter tips! Keep 'em coming:)

PK HREZO said...

This was such a great list of links ... I hit a few of them yesterday and found some great info. Thanks for posting them!

Rachael Harrie said...

Hey guys, thanks so much, glad you like them :)

Great suggestion Joanne, will have to look into doing that ;)


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