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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Twitter Tip Thursday (Christmas Special)

This will be my last Twitter Tip Thursday for 2010. Enjoy!

I've put up my tree
EVERYONE SHOULD CONSIDER THIS: Is your blog linked to your user profile? Have you checked lately? If you're not linked, you're missing out...http://t.co/1ga2guT @RachaelHarrie

On writing:

Great point made on my blog by @JosVolpe:“start the story right in action” does not mean starting in the VERY MIDST of the inciting incident @HollyBodger

Basics 101 : Character Creation: Given life, characters pursue experiences you would never dare. http://bit.ly/htRcEK @4KidLit

Plot Road Blocks: how do you break through? http://bit.ly/eKCDfz @juliemusil

If you are using dialogue—say it aloud as you write it. Only then will it have the sound of speech. JOHN STEINBECK @AdviceToWriters

#writers of #kidlit specifically YA and MG -- contractions are your friend. @Georgia_McBride

How do you know when your book is ready? http://bit.ly/icJWwH via @ElanaJ @juliemusil

Hung some lurvely decorations
Planning a Series Can Be Dangerous: Think of ways to expand instead of planning. http://bit.ly/dR6A5X @4KidLit

Tweeting newbie writing advice today. Why? Cause I don't feel like blogging. Original post http://bit.ly/9OTMfT @Georgia_McBride

Active vs. Passive Voice in Writing - blog - ourlittlebooks: http://bit.ly/gpgVkc @4KidLit

Check it out: @finesarah discusses YA characters with emotional and mental disorders: http://tinyurl.com/22r4uzg @KOrtizzle

Don’t Do As They Do: How many times have you read a bestselling novel and let it influence your writing, but wh... http://bit.ly/dUX6YU @StinaLL


Revisions Week - Outlining & Plans: Another option -- outline after drafting. http://bit.ly/fLc6Vl @4KidLit

#writers--when revising, consider how adding/removing impacts story, characters, scenes, etc. Changes may need to happen in several places. @Georgia_McBride

Friends Don't Let Friends Overwrite*: Seven things to look for in your own writing. http://bit.ly/hjKGLK @4KidLit

#writers -- watch not only for repetitive words but phrases, ideas. No need to hit reader over head with same idea, word. We get it. @Georgia_McBride

On the blog: Some thoughts on line-editing, and especially Imaginary Readers: http://bit.ly/ff4QMN @chevalaque

Re-Write Wednesday: Send up the (Red) Flag: Words That Often Spell Trouble: FANTASTIC post that will ... http://bit.ly/fUsckw @4KidLit

How cute are these snow penguins!

RT @jkoyanagi In which I express my corny gratitude & offer advice on soliciting & receiving beta critiques: http://bit.ly/gaj52V @cvaldezmiller

A Question of Betas: Where to find them and what makes them right. http://bit.ly/fqntlK @4KidLit

Although writing is a solitary endeavor, the path to publication is not. It's essential to find & accept feedback on our work. @JodyHedlund

Need a critique partner? 4 tips for finding a workable partnership: http://bit.ly/fjKVIX @JodyHedlund

Picture Books/Early Readers/Chapter Books:

Resource for Picture Book Writers: wp.me/pIkHt-Xe @scubacor

Announcing my brand new blog series: How I Got My Agent (for picture book writers) http://wp.me/pIkHt-XL @jafhedlund

Book Reviews:

RT @malindalo: I think that if you want an author to read your review of their book, you should email the link to them. << YES @ElanaJ

Presents anyone???


How To Keep Blogging From Being a Popularity Contest: http://bit.ly/gFAImO @JodyHedlund


12 Ways to Scare Away Twitter Followers: http://bit.ly/eQSVnp (via @RoniLoren) @JodyHedlund


Bast said...

Great links as always. I enjoyed the one about series.

Unknown said...

I liked the red flag one. Darn, my writing's got a lot of red flags! Thanks for all your twitter tip posts :-)

Dominic de Mattos said...

That's a lot of tips!
(good ones though!)

I enjoyed the previous post too - I'm with you on over-use of exclamation marks!! Why be boring?! :D


Joanna St. James said...

I just found Julie Musil's blog and It is quite a treat.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Great links! And I'm amazed how many people don't link their profile to their blog. Makes it difficult to follow back!

Julie Hedlund said...

Thanks for sharing these links! Love your profile pic by the way. Nice to see YOU, even though I liked your avatar too. :-)

Melissa Gill said...

I love twitter tip thursday. Look forward to it all week. Thanks a mil.

erica and christy said...

Good links, including a few blogs I've missed entirely!

I'll be sharing "Friends don't let friends overwrite" with christy! hehe

Michael Di Gesu said...

Great tips Rach!

That is why I have an award for you at my blog....

I love Twitter tip Thursdays!


DL Hammons said...

I loves me some Christmas specials!!! :)

Thank you.

Rachael Harrie said...

@Quinn, that was a good one!

@Rachel, no worries :) Oh dear. Ah, there's always Revisions ;)

Hey @Dom, great to hear from you. It's amazing what pops up on Twitter isn't it! :) Thanks so much. Yep, I'm all for frequent use of the "fun" punctuation ;)

@Joanna, It is, isn't it! :)

@Alex, thanks. It does, doesn't it! And it's so easy to do.

@Julie, thanks so much :)

@Melissa, great to hear, more coming in 2011 ;)

@Erica, that's great to hear :) Tee hee, hope she likes it! ;)

@Michael, ooh lovely. Thanks! Will pop over and check it out :)

@DL, LOL, thought you'd like it ;)

erica and christy said...

Ha! gee thanks, erica! (and Rach!) christy

Anonymous said...

Great tips!
Thank you :)

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