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Friday, October 28, 2011

Campaigner Notice-Board (Friday, October 28th, 2011)

My Third Campaign is drawing to a close (*sad face*) and this will be my last Campaigner Notice-Board. I hope you've all found them useful and lots of fun too. So, for the last time in 2011, check out these great blogfests, contests, and other announcements:
  1. From C. Lee McKenzie at Write Game: It's the first annual Creepy Cake 'N Bake contest time, and the entries are amazingly CREEPY. A comment is your vote & you have a chance to win a $20 gift certificate from B&N or an official Creepy Cake 'N Bake doll! Please include your email in order to be entered to win.
  2. From Meradeth at Write Stuff: I'm giving away a few wonderful books, along with a 20 page critique. Come stop by and enter--it's simple! 
  3. From Alex J. Cavanaugh: The Insecure Writer's Support Group is open to all writers and posts the first Wednesday of every month. Share your struggles, encourage others, and connect with fellow writers. 
  4. From Jeigh Meredith at Writer Brained: I'm celebrating eleventy-one followers with my Eleventy-First Follower Giveaway. Eleven prizes up for grabs and it goes through 11/11/11. Just leave a comment to enter. 
  5. From Saba at Of Thoughts and Words: Saba and Michelle at Oh! For the Love of Books are hosting a New Author Blog Hop. This hop aims to introduce and support first time authors and their debut publications. 
  6. From Chris at The Kelworth Files: We're looking for new members at the Stringing Words writers' forum. If you're looking for a new writers’ community to support you through tough times, encourage you to set goals and stick to them, or just to procrastinate and have fun, come and visit!
  7. From J.A. Yang: I wrote a post about a board game for publishing.Who wants to help make it? 
  8. From Elizabeth at Liz Writes: I'm hosting a spooktacular writing contest with Natalie Lakosil, an agent at the Bradford Literary Agency! To enter, submit your spookiest, creepiest 500 words and Natalie will choose a winner to receive a critique of a query and first 10 pages. Contest ends on Monday, October 31.
  9. From S.B. Stuart-Laing at Writing the Other:To promote our new historical fantasy novel, Forgotten Gods, my coauthor and I are hosting a scavenger hunt. Enter by Dec. 4 2011 to win books and other Celtic goodies. 
  10. From A. J. Mullarky at Magpie and Pen: I want to get as much experience as I can in marketing and advertising so I want to help all you debut/indie authors out there :) So come take a look if you want me to interview you/host a guest post/be a stop on your blog tour!
  11. From Rachel McClellan from Blackbird in my Window: Oktoberfest Writing Contest is going on now! Submit your first chapter for the chance to win a full submission to Acquisition Editor Angie Workman. Contest ends at midnight on November1. 
  12. From Abby Fowers at Something To Write About: Abby needs our creative juices to help decide on a pen name for her. To enter is easy so be sure to click over and read the details and help Abby pick a cool pen name. 
  13. From Claire Hennessy at Crazy California Claire: Who knows about Scribd? I am doing a blog all about what it is and how it can help writers (whether published or not) gain a bigger platform and get people reading their work. For example, I just uploaded my entry to the Third Challenge and in less than 2 days it has had over 3,000 reads. It is an excellent resource with a fabulous and supportive community of writers. Also, once I hit 100 followers I will randomly pick someone to walk them through this process step by step, and help them meet the right people. The details are here


Theresa Milstein said...

I really enjoyed this campaign. I even participated in a story this time. Thanks, Rachael!

S.A. Larsenッ said...

Fabulous list, Rach. Loved this campaign. Wish I could have participated more, but what I did do was tons of fun. Great meeting other writers. Thx!

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Thanks for posting the message board every week!

E. Arroyo said...

This was awesome and a lot of work for you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. It was a great experience.

Mark Koopmans said...

Thanks Rach,

Have a G'day and when you get around to taking a break, don't forget to put a shrimp on da Barbie.

Carol Riggs said...

Thanks for all your hard work on this campaign, Rach!! Even tho I didn't participate, I've seen the results around the blogosphere. :)

Tina Moss said...

The campaign was so much fun. I've got to know so many new writers and read so many blogs! I loved it. Thanks for putting it together.

Anonymous said...

This was a blast! And thank you for all your hard work!

Michael Offutt, Phantom Reader said...

Hey Rach...my book is being published in like May 2012. Around that time would you be open to letting me do a guest spot on your blog as part of a blog tour?

Alex Mullarky said...

Thank you for this campaign, I've loved it!

Unknown said...

Rach, thank you so much for hosting this event! It was an awesome experience and a lot of fun.

Ruth Schiffmann said...

Thanks, Rach, for all of the work you did to put this together. I stumbled upon the campaign just as I was starting my blog. The timing was perfect and it was a great way to meet other bloggers and writers. Thanks again!

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