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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Weekly Wrap-Up and Crusader Biz(ness)

Ok, I know it's Tuesday, but wow, what a week everyone!!! Where do I even start...

My Following Peeps

Hmm, with you, I think. So many new people have come on board Rach Writes... and I have to say a huge welcome and thank you for following (*jumps up and down*). I can't wait to get to know you all better. So drop by any time, leave me a comment or seven, and I'll make sure I do the same with your blogs as well.


Did you see, did you see? I reached 100 followers (WOOT!!!). Congratulations go to Hart Johnson at Confessions of a Watery Tart for being my 100th follower. I'm still laughing after reading some of Hart's posts, so make sure you check her out!

I was planning on having a 100 followers contest, but instead I'll just have to do an extra special 150 followers contest. In the meantime though, I'd love to interview you for The Insider Scoop, Hart, as a little prize. Just shoot me an email (address in the Contact Me page above) if you're interested. Can't wait for you to spread the nakedness around Rach Writes... (aha, that's got you all interested hasn't it!)

Writers' Platform-Building Crusade

If you haven't already checked out my Writers' Platform-Building Crusade, pop up to my new pages at the top of my blog. There's been such a fantastic response, and would you believe there are well over 30 Crusaders now (check out the List of Crusaders page near the top of my blog).

I love seeing you all meet each other, and it's fantastic to see so many people visiting their fellow Crusaders and commenting so often.

First Page Blog Fest

I took part in Elle Strauss's First Page Blog Fest last weekend. Had a fantastic time and met heaps of lovely people. I really enjoyed reading everyone's first pages. Here's the link to my first page of FROM THE OTHER SIDE if you'd like to check it out.

First Crusader Challenge

Woot, what a great challenge we all had!!! Check out the entries by the finalists here if you haven't already.

And the winner of the First Crusader Challenge is (*drumroll*)...the lovely Rachel Morgan over at Rachel Morgan Writes. Pop over to her blog and have a read of her poem - how cool is the ending (and I love how well she incorporated the random words in her poem)!

I'll be interviewing Rachel next Monday, October 25 for The Insider Scoop, so make sure you visit and have a read.

Second Crusader Challenge

(*Drumroll*) Coming on Friday. Stay tuned...

Crusader Biz(ness)

Crusaders, we've had heaps of new peeps join, so make sure you update your blog rolls or sidebar links to include our new friends. Also, a reminder to blog and/or tweet about the Crusade if you haven't yet.

Would all Crusaders please check out your names and links in the List of Crusaders page above, and let me know if there are any errors that I need to fix. If you look on my sidebar, you could pop that picture on your own blogs and link back to my Crusader pages now they're here to stay.

The Insider Scoop

I posted my third interview with Caitie Flum for The Insider Scoop. Check it out here if you haven't already, there's heaps of insider info, including some little secrets about the submissions process that I hadn't heard about before...


Thanks to so many wonderful people for giving me such lovely blogging awards. Here is my post where I thanked everyone who gave them to me, and I've popped them up on a new blog page as well.

I promise to pass on those awards soon.

And thanks to Erica and Christy over at Erica and Christy for giving me the Happy 101 (which we've christened "The Sweet Friends") Award. The girls both rock, so make sure you pop over and say hi from me!!!

Twitter Tip Thursday

Every Thursday I post a list of useful links that I've come across during the week on Twitter. Check out last Thursday's post here. I've even sorted them out to make it easier to find what interests you.

Phew, what a monumentally long post. That's all for now, can't wait to see what the week ahead brings.


Jenny Beattie said...

Thanks Rach. I've had lots of new followers since I came on board. It makes me blog with more vigour...

Incidentally, I couldn't get the list of crusaders page to load.

Thanks again for letting me join in the fun.

Rachael Harrie said...

Hi Jenny, that's so great you've got so many new followers. Really glad you came on board, the Crusaders are an awesome bunch :)

I'm not sure what's wrong with the List of Crusaders page. It's loading ok for me - is anyone else having problems???

Amanda said...

Just arrived via Jenny :-) Such a fantastic idea!

Ooh, and I cant get the list to load either.

Rachael Harrie said...

Hi Amanda, thanks for stopping by and joining the Crusade, it's great to have you on board :)

Ok, I've worked out the problem, dodgy link. I've edited my post now to just direct people to my "List of Crusaders" page bar at the top of my blog. Thanks for letting me know :)


Marieke said...

Some wonderful things going on! Yay! :D

Congrats on the 100!

And Rachel, congrats on the first challenge! :D

Lisa Potts said...

Doesn't it feel good to get that all out? I love to summarize. It clears my head for more story ideas.

Congrats on the followers, Rach.

Adina West said...

Big 100! Woohoo!!!

And great winner pick for the first Crusader Challenge. I loved Rachel Morgan's poem. Solid gold.

Unknown said...

Thank you, Adina :-)

Looking forward to the next challenge!

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