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Sunday, October 10, 2010

A confession (ssh, don't tell anyone!) and a promise...

I have a tiny little confession to make (*hangs head in shame*).

I've received so many fantastic awards over the last few weeks, and...gasp!...I haven't yet gotten around to thanking all the wonderful people who've given them to me. You see, I had high hopes of posting about each award individually and thanking the lovely person who awarded it to me, as well as complying with the award instructions, and passing the awards on to other deserving peeps. Sadly, reality (and the busy-ness of my life) has intruded and given me a sharp smack on the hand.

Soooo, this brings me to my promise.

I'm going to do one SUPER-SIZED post thanking everyone for the awards I've received and giving out my own awards. And I want you all to keep me on track and hold me to my promise, so nag me if my post isn't up within the week (or so).

Ok? Promise? (Tee hee, you didn't think I was the only one promising stuff did you?)

What things do you just keep putting off? How do you go about prioritizing everything on your To Do list?

Do you feel guilty when you can't manage to fit everything into a day?

And why does the day only have 24 hours in it anyway?


Carolina M. Valdez Schneider said...

Oh man, I understand this feeling! It feels like I never get caught up! i think most recently, I've been putting off my blogging altogether as I work on a new WIP. Oh, and sleep. I hardly remember what it's like to get a full night of sleep anymore.

C. N. Nevets said...

In reverse order...

1) Because.

2) I used to, but then I realized it's part of being a human and that really the only way to avoid it was to manage things better out the outset.

3) Some priorities are set in stone, and then the others it's just a matter of having a system. Honestly, it doesn't matter what the system is. Just having a way to organize and respond to the things competing for your priority list makes all the different. Suddenly, things seem manageable.

Unknown said...

Prioritizing... Things that I will actually get in trouble for if I don't do happen first! (this usually means writing is not at the top of the list...)
Oh yes. Sleep is very important to me!

Bast said...

I've been putting off editing my book. Other things in my life have been taking priority. I rationalize it by saying that the more time I spend away from it, the fresher my eye will be when I come back to edit.

Adina West said...

Okay, you may have gone public, trying to get the rest of us to confess to our own iniquities, but I'm saying nothin'. Nothin', y'hear me? WHERE'S MY LAWYER?

Oh, and if anyone...um...happens to want a blog award, come and visit me. I have a couple languishing around the place just dying to be passed on. Oops.

Rachael Harrie said...

@Carolina, well done you for WIP-ing (had to put the hyphen in so there's no confusion!) rather than blogging (*wishes she could be that strong*) ;)

@C.N, love your idea of having a system (*rushes to work on one now*)

@Rachel, I know what you mean about sleep! The perils of being a writer with a young baby plus a toddler - you plan to finish your writing with just enough time to get a few hours sleep, and then your darling baby is awake all night AND your toddler wakes up at 5am...

@Quinn, you're so right, it is good to leave your MS for a while so your eyes are fresh. I'm on a MS break right now too - only a few more days until I get right back into revisions. Can't wait! :)

@Adina, not guilty, Your Honor! :)

Tessa Quin said...

Rach, you're already so popular with people handing you awards left and right that you'll have to skip passing them on pretty soon ;) As for the one I gave you, it is optional to pass it on. I take absolutely no offense if you don't! Writing comes first!

Faith said...

Oh, don't feel so guilty! I've received some blog awards recently and I simply haven't had the chance to get them up and thank people properly either... also, last week got SO BUSY that I didn't get to participate in the Crusader Challenge, and I nearly missed an important deadline, and now I'm behind on about 6 crucial things that I'm trying not to panic about...

So you see, we all need extra hours in the day, and I absolutely feel guilty when I don't get things done, and I have no idea how I prioritize... my husband says "start with one thing at a time!" but that's easier said than done...

Rachael Harrie said...

@Tessa, no way, definitely have to pass it on. Might do that in a separate post though :)

Thanks @Faith. Goodness you sound super busy! It's so difficult to prioritize sometimes, isn't it. Particularly when you have so many "to do" items that are equally important - where do you even start??? Wish I knew the answer to that one...

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