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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Twitter Tip Thursday

Here are some of the tips and useful links I've come across on Twitter this week (I’m @RachaelHarrie if you want to follow me):


Narrative Non-Fiction is Hot Hot Hot! http://tinyurl.com/24olt45 @ingridsundberg


Awesome Genre Glossary from Jennifer Laughran (Good to know MG is not a genre - groooan) @literaticat http://is.gd/gopgN @HeatherKephart


Pro writing qualifications impress me more in people with consistently pro behavior: please follow formatting guidelines! @dknippling

Ask Daphne! About a Different Kind of Formatting: Make email sample pages readable. http://bit.ly/cpeGSH @4KidLit

How to RESEARCH Agents & Editors http://wp.me/pIkHt-Te @jafhedlund

How to PERSONALIZE QUERIES: http://bit.ly/drQtNE @AngelaAckerman

Should you mention using a freelance editor in your query? http://ow.ly/2YWPn @Kid_Lit

And...uh...don't include an embedded image of your "book cover". Just...don't.@ElanaRoth

Submit One Project At A Time: Excellent advice and the reason behind it. http://bit.ly/aurEjM @4KidLit

An agent confesses-and the lessons we can learn from it: What gets your ms pulled from the slush pile? http://bit.ly/adnm27 @4KidLit

New interview! How to write an amazing query letter, with @ElanaJ plus a chance to win a preorder of POSSESSION http://bit.ly/8XAVTb :-) @Mariekeyn

Pub Rants: Kristin's top 10 List of Why Adult and Children's SF&F Query Letters Get a Rejection http://is.gd/gora8 @HeatherKephart


Have trouble writing the dreaded synopsis? Here's a simple & easy synopsis-writing template: http://bit.ly/aQBaBQ @JodyHedlund

On writing:

From the archives: On #writing excellent dialogue tags http://ow.ly/2VOz1 @Kid_Lit

The Big Ol' Genre Glossary: Find out how to classify your WIP. http://bit.ly/bjn7IZ @4KidLit

Tip Thursday: 3 reasons to Ditch your Novel's Prologue.: How do you know to dive right into chapter one? http://bit.ly/9EqTn8 @4KidLit

Them’s the breaks: where to put paragraph, scene and chapter breaks in your work | Not Enough Words: http://bit.ly/aBtXh8 4KidLit

Keep Yourself Inspired on a Daily Basis: Train your brain to write at the same time everyday. http://bit.ly/bS1sen 4KidLit

The Myths & Realities of Being a Published Author: These reality checks made us laugh out loud. http://bit.ly/cG2lLd 4KidLit

Best Articles This Week for Writers 10/22/10 http://bit.ly/aVQk7i @4KidLit

If a story ends up just like you imagined it would, you've done something wrong. It should surprise the reader AND the writer @susanorlean

RT @FakeAPStylebook: Avoid long, labyrinthine sentences, as they can harbor ferocious minotaurs @Natalie_Fischer

Use Motion to Spice up Your Scenes: Don't let your characters just stand around. http://bit.ly/aRmFJm @4KidLit

7 Things I've Learned So Far, by Amanda Flower: 'Don't chase the market,' and other great tips. http://bit.ly/dm5QiZ 4KidLit

Great post on the evolution of a short story: http://bit.ly/ae4AXV @charlwrites

If your character has an accent, make sure you're consistent @SammyBina

Do You Have a Strange Attractor?: Game changing twist on high concept. http://bit.ly/dbXOIx @4KidLit

Symbolism – How to Make it Work in Your Writing: Layer in depth and meaning. http://bit.ly/b02BgA @4KidLit

Are your readers taking you too literally? http://bit.ly/aVXtKS @jennwwrites

How to get started as a writer: 'Take it step by step, day by day.' http://bit.ly/cGmesx @4KidLit

Guard against cliches Tip Tuesday #60 | Literary Rambles: http://bit.ly/aQRNbg @jafhedlund

From the archives: Am I wrong to pursue a #writing career? http://ow.ly/2VOJ5 @Kid_Lit

Why do so many writers pursue writing & publication against such adversity? http://bit.ly/b6D5Sf @JodyHedlund

@SammyBina posts about The Dangers of the Thesaurus!: http://wp.me/pF0gi-16U @CA_Marshall


All words are good words...or are they?: Eliminate common words and strengthen your manuscript. http://bit.ly/9nfPJx @4KidLit

I'm at @Georgia_McBride’s blog today where I apply her "Newbie Writer No-No list" to a slew of contest entries? http://tinyurl.com/26z9fjx @suzannelazear

RT @paulgreci: On the blog: The Fine Line between the Writing and the Writer: http://dld.bz/3gYu @JodyHedlund

How much does the average writer have to change in a book from 1st draft to final copy? http://bit.ly/bGeJnZ @JodyHedlund

Picture Books/Early Readers/Chapter Books

The definition and challenges of the early reader and chapter book market: http://ow.ly/2XG6q

How to save the picture book by keeping it off the endangered species list. http://tinyurl.com/36szqjy @ChristieWild

Free Rhyming Dictionary Online: End, beginning, last syllable, first syllable, double, triple rhymes. http://bit.ly/9NXqXC @4KidLit

Tips for Illustrators - Jonas Sickler on how to market yourself as a freelance illustrator jonasillustration.com/blog_jonas_sic… < highly recommend @jothompsonillos

Julie Danielson's (7-imp's) Picture Book List http://sergioruzzier.blogspot.com/2010/10/julie-danielsons-picture-book-list.html@sergioruzzier


Ever wonder how Magical Realism differs from Paranormal? The BIG OL' GENRE GLOSSARY is here to help: http://bit.ly/bdTrmH @literaticat


Blogged about finding the right agent, inspired by last nite's #YALITCHAT --> http://bit.ly/hJVmK (sorry no pictures) @Georgia_McBride

Agent Spotlight on Louise Fury of L. Perkins Agency - http://bit.ly/9ZdwyZ @Casey_McCormick

I think we all want to think business decisions like taking on new clients are motivated by LOVE. Romantic. Sometimes, they are not. 1/2@Georgia_McBride

Ideally agents and clients would find perfect, harmonious agreement + passion re: the work. Not always the case. Nor a guarantee of success. @Georgia_McBride

New agent seeking writers! Denise Little of The Ethan Ellenberg Literary Agency: http://tinyurl.com/2cdqcqu @ChuckSambuchino

RT @WeronikaJanczuk: @JillCorcoran is looking for romantic comedies for teens (http://bit.ly/bWIjYz) @CA_Marshall


Things Every Author Should Know about Promotion: Decide what your time is worth. http://bit.ly/d4HWQE @4KidLit


2010 Top Creative Writing Blogs: http://bit.ly/buZXaU @LynetteBenton

Tweeps: How do I set up a blogroll on Blogger to show the blogs I'm following? --> http://bit.ly/9lufzT @CA_Marshall

From the archives: Authors behaving badly online http://ow.ly/1WeJJ @Kid_Lit


How Writers Can Use Twitter for Networking & Success: http://bit.ly/9P4twq (via @alexisgrant) Excellent article! @JodyHedlund


Some helpful #nanowrimo preparation tips http://thegracefuldoe.wordpress.com/2010/10/21/preparing-for-nanowrimo/ @thegracefuldoe

Preparing your characters for #NaNoWriMo http://thegracefuldoe.wordpress.com/2010/10/25/nanowrimo-character-outline/ @thegracefuldoe

NaNoWriMo Boot Camp, Day 1: Choosing the Right Idea blog.nathanbransford.com/2010/10/nanowr… @NathanBransford

NaNoWriMo Boot Camp Day 2: Goals and Obstacles blog.nathanbransford.com/2010/10/nanowr… @NathanBransford


The temptation of thinking someone has made it blog.nathanbransford.com/2010/10/tempta… @NathanBransford

Weekly #kidlitosphere round-up: agent/editor insights, marketing, trends, giveaways, videos, new releases & more: http://bit.ly/9Y5yY @CynLeitichSmith

List of Writer's Acronyms: Often I come across acronyms on blog sites and I'm stumped. So, I did research and here... http://bit.ly/cUSJBS @ClarissaDraper

Guest post by Maria Rainier on freelancing for children's markets - http://bit.ly/9hRTtv @Casey_McCormick


Anonymous said...

Some fantastic and completely to-die-for advice in these links. Thanks!

Theresa Milstein said...

What a bunch of links. Now you're making me feel bad I'm not on Twitter!

If you get a chance, please visit my blog "Substitute Teacher's Saga". I'm having a Halloween Haunting. Enter to win great prizes!

Julie Hedlund said...

Wow - what an amazing list. I'm going to tweet now. Thanks for the shout-out to my post too!

Kimberly said...

Thank you for the schmorgasboard of links! Luckily I'm hungry:)

Rachael Harrie said...

Hi Ladies, thanks so much :) Glad you found them useful (and thanks for the tweet @Julie).


Unknown said...

Thanks for that, a great list!

Kiki Hamilton said...

Wow! What a great bunch of information!! Thanks for providing all the links.

The Weed said...

Seriously Rach? Seriously? This is awesome! Every day I seem to find another reason to be amazingly glad I stumbled upon your blog. What an amazing amassing of information. And this was one WEEK. I'm very impressed. You've got a seriously good thing going with your bloggy-thingamajigger. For reals.

Rachael Harrie said...

@Carole, no problems at all :)

@Kiki, glad it helped :)

@The Weed, tee hee. Glad you came on board too! :0

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