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Monday, September 27, 2010

The Insider Scoop – Interview with Jody Hedlund (Author of The Preacher's Bride)

Welcome to The Insider Scoop, where I’ll be bringing you interviews, useful tips and tricks, and all sorts of insightful information from those deep within the children's book industry.

Today, I’m pleased to introduce author Jody Hedlund. Jody is a debut historical romance novelist who was a double finalist in the 2009 ACFW Genesis Contest. She received a bachelor’s degree from Taylor University and a master’s from the University of Wisconsin, both in Social Work. Currently she makes her home in Midland, Michigan, with her husband and five busy children.

Jody is represented by agent Rachelle Gardner and her debut book, The Preacher’s Bride, is releasing in Oct. 2010 (it’s available on Amazon.com and will be in most bookstores).

So let’s dive straight into some questions…

How would you describe your own writing style?

It’s always hard to see our reflection in the mirror and describe what we see. But I’ll try! I think that I aim to have a plot-driven story, with deep characters, as well as weaving in authentic historical details (since I write historical romances). I’d also describe myself as a tight-writer, mostly fast-paced, and constantly looking for ways to add tension and conflict to my story-lines.

Rach: What a great way to describe your writing style. And it’s so important to add that tension and conflict, isn’t it, to keep your characters on their toes and your readers turning the page for more…

Are you working on a new WIP at the moment? If so, what are your writing goals?

I’m currently working on completing in-house edits on my second contracted book. That involves several different types of edits over several months span. In between all of the editing, I’ve begun researching my third book. It’s my hope to finish researching and plotting in the next couple of months because I’m happiest when I’m in the middle of the actual writing process.

Rach: Sounds like you’re hugely busy. And with five children as well – wow!!! I’m amazed you find the time, you must be so organized.

What is the best piece of advice you can give aspiring writers as they reach for their writing dreams?

Constantly be looking for ways to grow in the craft of writing. Read books to improve fiction-writing techniques, practice what you’re learning, and write more than one book. We can never go wrong when we seek to grow in our writing abilities. In fact, growth and perseverance are key factors to success in this industry.

Rach: I love this advice – will definitely be taking it on board!

Your debut book, The Preacher’s Bride, is being released on Oct. 1, 2010. How are you feeling about the launch?

I’m excited and nervous at the same time! A debut is such a special time in a writer’s life. For most of us, it’s the accumulation of years and years of hard work. But it’s also very intense realizing that people are beginning to read my book and getting a firsthand look at my writing style and ability. It’s somewhat unnerving to come under intense scrutiny from fellow writers. But so far, the feedback I’m getting from both writers and readers is positive. I’m bracing myself for negatives too, because I know I won’t be able to please everyone.

Rach: Can’t wait to read the book, and congratulations on its release. So exciting!!!

Lastly, the all important question: cupcakes or chocolate???

How about chocolate cupcakes with loads of rich chocolate frosting on top? Last year for my birthday, that’s exactly what my husband bought for me from a gourmet cupcake shop, and they were divine!

Rach: Yum!!! Best of both worlds…


Thank you so much Jody for your time today. Make sure you keep an eye out for Jody’s book when it’s released later this week, and stop by her blog, Author, Jody Hedlund, where she chronicles her journey to publication and dispenses heaps of writing wisdom.

And pop back to The Insider Scoop next Monday for Part 2 of my interview with Caitie Flum, ex-agent intern and proofreader (you can read Part 1 here).


JE said...

Great interview! It's always wonderful to learn about other writers/authors.


Jody Hedlund said...

Thanks for having me today, Rach! It was very fun to be here! :-)

Rachael Harrie said...

@Jody - thanks heaps for taking part, I loved getting your take on writing, publishing, and cupcakes!!! :)

@Justine - thanks so much, great you could stop by :)

Lola Sharp said...

Well done, ladies. :) And T-minus 2, Jody! Congrats...and I wish you every success and many printings.

And.....mmmmm, chocolate cupcakes! *drools* My favorite food on the planet. #nomnomnom


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