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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Evaluating Full Manuscripts - Mary Kole

Did everyone see Mary Kole's recent Kidlit post describing how she evaluates a full manuscript? For me, it is such a useful insight into how this mysterious process works. For example, I had no idea that agents have their own readers to help give opinions on manuscripts...

It must be an interesting dilemma for agents - do you wait to take only the strongest manuscripts (which will probably involve competing against other agents for representation of an author), or do you hunt out those with potential and work to make them stronger?

Definitely worth a read.


Anonymous said...

Finally getting around to following some of the links shared on #pblitchat last week. Love your blog! Looks so pretty, but lovely to read too. I've just done a 'new thing' and subscribed via email - so I hope it works! :) (Feeling pretty clever to have taken the plunge on subscriptions...)

Rachael Harrie said...

Hey katswhiskers, welcome aboard. Thanks for the lovely feedback - it's always great to hear positives (*grins*). Email subscription is so handy, isn't it! I'd love it if you can follow along too, so I can stay in touch with you :)

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