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Friday, March 11, 2011

Crusade Biz(ness) - Crusader Notice-Board + Catch-up

Crusader Notice-Board

Check out these great blogfests, contests, and other announcements:
  • Alison Miller is inviting all writers to join the Write Brained Network, a writing group which is free to writers at any stage of development. Check out her invitation here. The group is also hosting its first conference this year in Harrisonburg, Virginia
  • Chenoa Fawn is running a collaborative story based on the surrealist game Cadavre Exquis. Visit her blog until March 31
  • Adriana Kraft is giving away a $10 gift certificate to All Romance E-Books. To enter, leave a comment on any blog post in March
  • Sari Webb is holding her Share The Birthday Love Blogfest from March 11-13
  • Hart Johnson (The Naked Tart) is holding her Delusional Doom Blogfest on March 15
  • LB Diamond (and Tessa Conte) are holding their The Nature of Magic blogfest on March 26 
Cruasders, if you have a blogfest, a contest, or a something-or-other you want me to let people know about, drop me an email and I'll run it in the following Friday's post. Please include all the relevant details in your email, including links, name, and when it runs/ends, so I don't have to chase them down.


There's been a fantastic amount of networking amongst Crusaders to date. I've seen Group activities organized, shout-outs to Group members, interviews, heaps of comments, and a lot of other stuff. So I just thought I'd check, how's the Crusade going for you? Shoot me an email or a comment and fill me in *grins*


Christine Tyler said...

I missed the wagon and am not a crusader, and I still love the crusaders. You guys are AWESOME.

Hoping to catch the next ride :)

Alison Miller said...

Thanks for the plug, Rachael! I'll have to check out all these blogfests! Neat!

Tanya Reimer said...

Wow. I passed 200 followers. Considering this is my second month as a blogger-- yikes. I've made incredible friends. I learn something new everyday. This crusade has allowed me to discover new sites, new friends, new things. Can't give it enough praise.
Thanks, eh.

Stina said...

Love the notice board idea. :D

Have a great weekend, Rachael.

Megan K. Bickel said...

My "Favorite Picture Book" Blogfest was a huge success yesterday, thanks in no small part to the Crusade! I had over 25 participants! Yay Crusade!!

Diane said...

Lots of awesome links. thanks! Have a super weekend!!! :O)

Kerri Cuev said...

This has been great Rach! A challange to keep up, but rewarding. Who knew how many GREAT blogs there are in Bloggerville!

Anonymous said...

Loved Megan's picture book blogfest, inspired to do my own one day. March Break is going to be tough for finding blog time though.

Vicki Tremper said...

I second what Tanya said. This has been great.

Thanks, Rach!

Cherie Reich said...

I think it's going great. True, I haven't been able to comment on as many blogs as I hoped, but I do read everyone's posts. And, I went from 50 followers and am now close to 180 since joining the Crusade, so I would say it is a success. Thank you so much for taking the time to create such a wonderful thing, Rach!

Michelle Merrill said...

I'm lovin the crusade. I've met so many other writer's and it's been fun to visit my crusade group every day :) Thanks again Rach!

Anonymous said...

I've made new friends and been spending wayyyy too much time on wordpress blogs now. (They know)
Thanks Rach!!! :)

Jules said...

Sorry not a crusader but I said I would follow along and trying to do my best. :)

Thanks again for the links.
Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

Unknown said...

Well, I'm approaching 300 followers, which would NEVER have happened if not for crusade 1 and crusade 2 (my mind just suddenly jumped to Thing 1 and Thing 2... Ah, Dr Seuss. Genius...), so THANK YOU!

Michael Di Gesu said...

Me, too, Rachel,

I just need 7 more! It's been that way for a week, so I am trying to visit more people and support them, hoping to meet new friends.

Thanks, Rach! When's the next challenge?


Trisha said...

I've been having a great time checking out all the new blog entries that come through on Google Reader (thanks again for the tip there! :D)...but spending probably too much time trying to actually check every post to see if I wan to comment. ;( Naturally I don't have time to comment on all of them, but I actually do prefer to check each one. ;) Never know WHAT I'm gonna miss otherwise.

All in all, it's been a great experience!! and there have been a LOT of blogfests already in March, and there are a fair few to go!

Summer Ross said...

So far I'm really enjoying meeting new people and getting to know them. My time has been limited but I try to get to my groups blogs atleast once a week. I'm looking forward to more challenges. Have a terrific day!

Shari said...

I'm enjoying meeting all my new friends!

Joyful Minimalism said...

I felt like I was missing out on all those fabulous blogger blogs I saw, so I created one :) At least it makes it easier for my fellow crusaders to follow me! Am having great fun Crusading!

Margo Berendsen said...

Getting to know my group really well, loving it!

I have a suggestion for another challenge. I'm not sure how it would work exactly, but how about where you present four or five cliches and then the challenge would be to pick one of the offerings and come up with five (or ten?) original alternatives? Or you could let everyone come up with their own cliche and their own alternatives. I get so tired of cliches like "she fluttered her eyelashes" or "she had a sick feeling in her stomach" yet I find them sneaking into my writing, too.

Anyway, just a suggestion!

Zan Marie said...

The Crusade has been a smashing success! I'm closing in on 200 followers and have recieved several nifty awards. I then turned around a passed them along to my groupies. What's not to love! ; )

Zan Marie said...

The Crusade has been a smashing success! I'm closing in on 200 followers and have recieved several nifty awards. I then turned around a passed them along to my groupies. What's not to love! ; )

Zan Marie said...

The Crusade has been a smashing success! I'm closing in on 200 followers and have recieved several nifty awards. I then turned around a passed them along to my groupies. What's not to love! ; )

Scheherazade said...

I'd say Crusaders has been a win-win for everyone (or as Charlie would say, WINNING). I can't quite keep up with all of it. I just don't have the time to participate in everything, but I've visited all the blogs at least once and I'm trying to revisit the ones in my group and those that especially intrigued me. I've learned a lot. Thanks.

Zan Marie said...

Forgive my stuttering finger. I guess it takes three times to express how excited I am. ; )

obi said...

tomorrow will conclude my inaugural month on my very first blog. I just want to thank everyone out there who has supported me and given me all the feedback.

Elizabeth Mueller said...

Rach, it's been fun! I love the brotherhood in it and the new followers. <3 Thank you for hosting this!

♥.•*¨ Elizabeth ¨*•.♥

Unknown said...

I have to say I'm enjoying the crusade but I am disappointed. I spent two days following all 217 blogs and twitter accounts but have only 38 followers on my blog. Granted, I did move it, but I posted clearly that I was moving it (and only had 37 followers on the original blog as well). I am reading as many as I can (and read all four of my groups every day), commenting when I can, tweeting, and retweeting. So far, it's not working for me. I feel like an outcast and am not sure why.

Joyful Minimalism said...

Susan, I feel the same way in some respect. I'm now running a contest on my blog and none of the crusaders entered yet.

Then again I think that my subject matter may be something that not everyone connects with, and I think that also not having a blogger blog made it harder for people to follow me. I've made a personal blog now especially for that reason and love it!

But I am loving getting to know people, and reading a lot of different blogs, so in that it's a great success!

Luana Krause said...

Hi, Rachael. I found your blog on the A to Z blogging challenge. Looking forward to the next blog crusade. Looks like fun.

Denise Covey said...

The crusade is going great Rach, how about for you? As well as getting a heap more followers there is a nice feeling of community in a very large blogoverse. None of us get the time we need to go around to everyone - I keep starting to do it lineally but soon get distracted. The two groups I'm in haven't really done anything together but I guess it needs someone to organise something but no one has any time I'd say. (I was supposed to be taking a bit of a blog break to work on my WIPs but didn't manage it.)


Denise Covey said...

Oh and I just came from Sylvia van Bruggen's post and she only has 16 followers. Hey Crusaders, get over there and follow Sylvia!


Rachele Alpine said...

I'm loving that I'm able to connect with other YA writers (and all sorts of writers too)...it's great to see what everyone is up to! And you can't beat the support!

Regina said...

This is some great stuff. I think all the group collaboration is fun. I have met a ton of new people. Thank you.

Abhishek said...

How can I become a crusader now?? I just checked your original post Dear Rachael harrie, all comments are from previous year, can I become one now???

with warm regards

Rachael Harrie said...

Hi All, thanks heaps for all your comments. It's great to see you've enjoyed the Crusade, and got a lot out of it.

@Susan, I'll send you an email about your comment, and give you my thoughts :)

@AllMyPosts, I'll paste the link to my original Crusade post below for you to have a look at. You can't join this Second Crusade, I'm afraid, but keep an eye out for my Third Crusade and I'd love to have you on board then :)




Rachael Harrie said...

@Margo, love your idea, thanks. Will definitely keep it in mind for future Challenges :)



J.C. Martin said...

I've been absolutely LOVIN' the Crusade! Have started a weekly Crusader Quiz interviewing fellow Crusaders on my blog. Really enjoying getting to know fellow writers! :)

Adina West said...

Loving the fact that we're divided into groups, because commenting on posts by my own group members is at least something I can manage!


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