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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Winners - Second Campaigner Challenge (Fourth Campaign)

Apologies to everyone for my long silence - I recently moved house and have had huge issues with my internet provider that still haven't been properly sorted out! I really appreciate the concern shown for my absence, and thanks so much to those who checked in to make sure I was okay :) Hopefully, the wait has made the following announcement all the sweeter.

As with previous Challenges, Winners have been chosen in three categories:
  1. People's Choice Awards - chosen by you in the voting (by clicking "Like" on the entries);
  2. Places awarded by the judges, who've done an absolutely fantastic job of winnowing 110 entries down to the top 14 under the wonderful wizardry of Mark Koopmans; and
  3. Random prizes (chosen by Mr. Random.org).
Before I reveal the winners, I'd love you all to offer up a huge thanks to four awesome people who helped me out with this Second Campaigner Challenge: Mark Koopmans, who shepherded the many awesome judges through three rounds of judging and shone a light into the administrative chaos - I couldn't have done this without him! And Ozlem Yikici, Kathleen Doyle, and K.T. Hanna who've done amazing jobs administering the prizes, communicating with the prize donors, and helping with the Campaigner Notice-Board.

To thank them for all of their help, I'd love them to accept this Campaign Appreciation Badge if they haven't already downloaded it from my last post :)

And now to the winners...*drumroll*

People's Choice Awards

1. First Place - Kevin Hiatt (43 points)
2. Second Place - Morgan Shamy (37 points)
3. Third Place - Liza (31 points)
4. Fourth Place - Alynza (30 points)
5. Fifth Place - Nancy S. Thompson (21 points)
6. Sixth Place - Elise Fallon (18 points)
7. Seventh Place - Carrie Butler (16 points) (tied)
7. Seventh Place - Melissa Maygrove (16 points) (tied)

Congratulations guys!!! And as for what you've won, here it is:

In First Place, Kevin Hiatt has won:
  • A full critique of a complete manuscript, donated by K.Z. Ozbirn.
  • A $50 Amazon gift card plus Scrivener software (download/disc), donated by Melissa Sugar.
  • A signed copy of EDEN’S GARDEN (hot off the press on March 15th, 2012), donated by Juliet.
In Second Place, Morgan Shamy has won:
  • A critique of the winner's query and first 50 pages, donated by Nancy S. Thompson.
  • A book cover design or blog banner, donated by Shelley Koon.
  • An ARC of THE BEGINNING OF AFTER by Jennifer Castle (Contemporary YA) [Print -US/Canada only], donated by Jenn Baker-Henry.
  • An autographed photo of Cate Blanchett from her movie, ELIZABETH, THE GOLDEN YEARS, donated by Roland D. Yeomans.
In Third Place, Liza has won:
  • A 30 page critique and a copy of THE VEIL by K. S. Collier (critique - international, book - US/Canada/UK/France only), donated by K.S.Collier.
  • A $15 (£10) giftcard from Amazon, donated by Claire Hennessy.
  • A signed copy of THE WRITER'S WORKOUT by Christina Katz US/Canada only, donated by Vicki Orians.
In Fourth Place, Alynza has won:
  • A critique of the first five chapters of a manuscript, donated by Misha.
  • A fancy writing pen, donated by Lesann.
  • A signed copy of each of the current books in the MEANT TO BE series (MEANT TO BE and THE COUPLES) by Richard Alan (and a free download via Smashwords coupon of both books), donated by Richard Alan (US/Canada only for the books).
In Fifth Place, Nancy S. Thompson has won:
  • a blog critique, donated by Shelley Brown. Shelley says the critique will “help you get the most out of your blog and your time.”
In Sixth Place, Elise Fallon has won:
  • first chapter critique, donated by Charity. Charity says “the three women of Unicorn Bell will give a first chapter critique. That's three pairs of eyes on your first chapter!”
In Seventh Place (tied), Carrie Butler has won:
  • A paperback of HOMECOMING, first novel by Sue Ann Bowling, winner of Reader Views Reviewer's Choice Award. [US/Canada only], donated by Sue Ann Bowling.
In Seventh Place, Melissa Maygrove has won:
  • A copy of WATER FOR ELEPHANTS by Sara Gruen, donated by Hedda Black.
Judging Round

The prizes below have been awarded based on the standard of your entries, as judged by our awesome judges! Once the judges determined the top 14 Finalists, I decided which place each Finalist would be awarded. And boy was it hard, the entries were all SOOOO good!

Here are the Finalists and their prizes:

First Place - C.B. Wentworth
Second Place - Jocelyn Rish
Third Place - Kevin Hiatt
Fourth Place - Liza
Fifth Place - Amy Marie
Sixth Place - Alynza
Seventh Place - Fairview
Eighth Place - Claire
Ninth Place - Mina Burrows
Tenth Place - Elise Fallson
Eleventh Place - Randy Lindsay
Twelfth Place - Laurie Dennison
Thirteenth Place - Elizabeth Towns
Fourteenth Place - Sabrina A. Fish

Congratulations, you all really deserve it!!!

In First Place, C.B. Wentworth has won:
  • A critique of the first thirty pages of a manuscript, donated by Hannah Hale. Hannah says, “I will identify if the winner's partial is ready for agents and editors, by focusing on the following areas (as well as pointing out other aspects not listed below): Does the opening scene hook the reader? Is the beginning conflict/tension clear? Is the characterization engaging? Does the story show, not tell? Does the story flow and is the writing tight? I'll also point out strengths of the sample as well as areas to improve, with examples”
  • An ebook/gift certificate from No Boundaries Press and a free promotions workshop, donated by Kharisma Rhayne, co-owner of No Boundaries Press.
  • An ARC of ALISON IN WONDERLAND by Helen Smith (Contemporary Fiction) [Print - US/Canada only], donated by Jenn Baker-Henry.
In Second Place, Jocelyn Rish has won:
  • A critique (First 3 chapters), donated by Callie Kingston.
  • A $25 Amazon gift card/e-card voucher, donated by Lara Schiffbauer.
  • A signed paperback copy of SUFFERSTONE: Book I of the Dolvia Saga, a fantasy novel, by Stella Atrium [USA only] donated by Stella Atrium.
  • A PDF copy of PERFECT SCORE by Sue Roebuck, donated Sue Roebuck.
In Third Place, Kevin Hiatt has won:
  • A10 page critique and a DVD copy of the short film SAYING GOODBYE, donated by Jocelyn Rish.
  • A $10 e-giftcard to Barnes & Noble, donated by Komal Lewis.
  • Copies of FAERIE TALE FROM THE WHITE FOREST (Book One) and BRIGITTA OF THE WHITE FOREST THE RUINS OF NOE (Book Two, available in April 2012) [U.S. and Canada only, or ebook form if international], donated by Danika Dinsmore.
  • An ARC of ONE DAY I WILL WRITE ABOUT THIS PLACE by Binyavanga Wainaina (Memoir) [Print - US/Canada only] donated by Jenn Baker-Henry.
In Fourth Place, Liza has won:
  • An ARC or paper copy of the ebook HER HEART’S DESIRE by Adriana Ryan, plus a 15 page critique, plus an opportunity to “take over” her blog for the day, donated by Adriana Ryan. Adriana says that the winner can have a guest post or interview, or could use a book trailer, vlog, character interview, etc. to provide information on them and their books/characters.
  • An eBook of DEFYING GRAVITY, donated by Cherie Reich.
  • The book UNDERTOW by Callie Kingston, donated by Callie Kingston.
In Fifth Place, Amy Marie has won:
  • A first chapter and query critique donated by David P. King.
  • An eBook of CURSE OF ANCIENT SHADOWS by Rod Tyson (YA fantasy novel), donated by Rod Tyson.
  • A copy of the book ABANDONED FOOTSTEPS and the poetry ebook PROLONGED FAREWELL, both by and donated by Sylvia van Bruggen.
In Sixth Place, Alynza has won:
  • A five page critique by four published authors in a critique group, donated by Dawn from WriteOn.
  • An eBook IF I COULD BE LIKE JENNIFER TAYLOR by Barbara Ehrentreu (in PDF form), donated by Barbara Ehrentreu.
  • An eBook THE BEST OF RAVEN AND THE WRITING DESK, donated by Cherie Reich.
In Seventh Place, Fairview has won:
  • A first chapter (up to 20 pages) critique, donated by Meradeth.
  • An eBook ONCE UPON A DECEMBER, donated by Cherie Reich.
In Eighth Place, Claire has won:
  • An edit/proofread/critique of a first chapter (or first 2000 words) of a novel donated by author Louise Wise.
  • An E-copy of OPPRESION (Children of the Gods #1) by Jessica Therrien (debut novel), donated by Jessica Therrien.
In Ninth Place, Mina Burrows has won:
In Tenth Place, Elise Fallson has won:
In Eleventh Place, Randy Lindsay has won:
  • An ebook of THE BONES OF THE EARTH by Scott Bury, donated by Scott Bury.
In Twelfth Place, Laurie Dennison has won:
  • An ARC of RUNNING THE RIFT by Naomi Benaron (Historical Fiction) [Print - US/Canada only], donated by Jenn Baker-Henry.
In Thirteenth Place, Elizabeth Towns has won:
  • An eBook of GUARDIAN (CREEPY HOLLOW, #1) donated by Rachel Morgan.
In Fourteenth Place, Sabrina A. Fish has won:
  • A Kindle copy of UNDERTOW by Callie Kingston (Kindle) donated by Callie Kingston.
Random Prizes

I'm also awarding 5 random prizes, chosen by Mr. Random.org! The winners (and prizes) are:
  1. Jenn Baker-Henry - Copies of FAERIE TALE FROM THE WHITE FOREST (Books One) and BRIGITTA OF THE WHITE FOREST THE RUINS OF NOE (Book Two, available in April 2012) [U.S. and Canada only, or ebook form if international], donated by Danika Dinsmore.
  2. Cherie Reich - A query letter and first ten pages of a manuscript, donated by Rachele Alpine.
  3. Rekha - A new copy of THE PLOT by Martha Alderson (or a book to the value of $20), donated by Melissa Sugar.
  4. J.E. Fritz - Book: WANTED: DEAD OR UNDEAD (Book One in The Zombie West Series). Plus Zombie Swag: Zombie-T-shirt, package of brains (not real of course), Zombie Necklace, Etc... [Package may not be shipped until April. US/Canada Only, though the ebook can be sent internationally], donated by Angela Scott.
  5. Erin Kane Spock – A critique of a query letter and the first 250 words of a completed manuscript, donated by Daisy Carter.
Congratulations to all the winners, you've done such a great job in this Challenge!!! Remember, you've been chosen from 110 entries - how awesome is that!

I'll be getting in touch with both winners and prize donors over the next few days regarding the prizes - please be patient, as I have limited internet access. If you have any questions/concerns about your prize, please email me.


Melissa Sugar said...

Congratulations to all the winners. There are so many awesome prizes. Thank you for hosting this Platform Building Campaign. I hate that I did not really get to participate, but am really looking forward to the next one (hopefully I will have a better understanding of everything by then.) You did a super job and I am amazed at how many people were involved and the amount and degree of talent I read in the entries.

I hate that I had to bow out of the judging, but am delighted to be able to honor one of the lucky winners with a prize. I don't know the next step, but the winner of the prize donated by me can email me directly so we can arrange delivery.

Melissa Sugar- sugarlaw67@yahoo.com

A big round of applause for the terrific host and all the participants and of course the lucky and talented winners.

Elise Fallson said...

Congratulations to the winners!
This was my first time participating and I was thrilled from start to finish. Meeting so many wonderful writers and bloggers has been the best part. Thank you Rachael for hosting this campaign, and to everyone who donated time, energy and prizes to bring it all together. You all rock!

Laurie Dennison said...

Yes, thank you so much! This has been so much fun.

Unknown said...

Congratulations to all of the winners! It has been a great experience participating in this challenge. I have met so many new people and made a number of new freinds.

I had never written any Flash Fiction prior to this challenge and I think the opportunity to do so has been rewarding in developing my writing.

It has taken me the whole challenge to grasp how to participate better, whick I am sure I will next year, although the underlying rules will possibly be changed by then!

Tell me if I am wrong, but I take it the whole point is to write about something others are not going to write about. To develop an unusual aspect from the prompts, not to take them at face value???

It really has been fun! I hope we all try to keep in touch!


Sabrina A. Fish said...

Congrats to all the winners and thanks so much to Rachael and the judges for a fabulous campaign.

I am so excited that I made it into the finals for my very first campaign. How exciting.

I cannot wait until the next campaign.

Morgan said...

The campaign has been amazing... meeting all of you incredible people is what it's all about :D

the wild magnolia said...

Congratulations to each and every winner.

I've been out of pocket too. Making ready to RV travel. House sold, disposing of all the "stuff". On the road now. 1st stop Lakeland, Florida, 2nd stop Callahan RV near Jacksonville, Florida, then...Georgia. After..then we decide where to go next.

Hope your internet troubles are settled soon. Hope you are settling in nicely.

See ya.

Kitty said...

Congratulations to all the winners! Even more exciting is to recognize several of the names because I have started following their blogs (or they, mine) thanks to Platform Builders. Which is, of course, the whole point, right? Awesome!! Thanks again, Rach, for all you do!

Skippy Bo Bippy said...

Thanks Rachael for putting this all together for all of us, and thanks to all of the judges and those who volunteered prizes to all of the winners. I'm honored to have done so well, especially with so many talented participants. Thanks.

Nancy Thompson said...

Wahoo! I won a blog critique! That's perfect considering my book launch coming this fall. I'll need help getting my blog in order. Thanks, Rach! It's perfect!!

Yadin Bromberg said...

Amazing post! I came across your blog via the A-Z Challenge. I now follow your blog :) Please check mine out over at yadinbromberg.blogspot.com

Good luck with A-Z!!!

amymarie said...

Wow! Fifth place! Thanks so much, Rach! I'm happy that I placed, but even happier that you are okay!

Cherie Reich said...

Congratulations to all the winners!

I guess I need to take another look at my query and first 10 pages. Hehe!

And I'm glad you're okay, Rach. At least you know you're loved and can't just fall off the face of the earth without us wondering what happened. :)

Michael Offutt, Phantom Reader said...

Congratulations to all the talented writers. Glad to hear that you are okay Rach. People were getting worried about your silence. You can't disappear for long because we all love you :)))

Fairview said...

I add my thanks to you Rach and glad your internet is back (I was worried too). I discovered your blog and wonderful campaign challenges last year and through this connection, discovered so many great writers and bloggers.

How fitting that the prizes I've won are from two people who's blogs (and people) I admire and follow (Meradeth and Cherie Reich). Thank you so much!!

Christy Farmer said...

Congratulations to all of the winners!

Congratulations and good luck Rachael with the move. That is a big job in the best of circumstances. Thanks for everything you do with the write campaign. You are awesome! :)

C.B. Wentworth said...

I am in shock to see my name at the top of that list, especially in the company of so many wonderful writers. The happy dance I did this morning was beyond embarrassing and I'm glad no one was around to see it! Thank you so much!

I learned so much from this campaign and met so many wonderful people. Thank you so much for putting something like this together. The amount of time and effort put forth by you and the judges has not gone unnoticed. Thank you a thousand times!

I was starting to get worried, too after such a long period of silence. Glad you're okay!

Sarah Tokeley said...

Congratulations to all the winners and, as ever, a huge well done to the judges for their hard work. Good to see you back Rachael, glad you're okay, but hope you get your internet issues sorted out soon!

Carrie Butler said...

Congratulations, winners! :) And a huge thank you to everyone who voted, participated, donated, organized, etc. You rock!

Unknown said...

Yay winners!

Rachael Harrie said...

Thanks so much for your heartwarming comments guys. I wish I could meet you all in person so I could give you all the biggest hug! I've had such an awesome Campaign this time, and it's been wonderful getting to know you all and reconnecting with old friends. I know the next Campaign will be fabulous too. Until August!!! :)



Unknown said...

Congratulations, winners! And congratulations to everyone involved in the judging and organzing of prizes!

Gwen Gardner said...

YAY for the winners! Thanks to the helpers and Thank You Rachael for hosting. Good luck with your internet!

Erin Kane Spock said...

I won something! This made my day. Thank you. I will write to Daisy shortly. I'm in process of rewriting my query right now.

Mark Koopmans said...

Winners are in.

Winners are announced.

My job here is done.

(Rolls down sleeve, tips hat to Ms. Harrie, walks away into the Hawaiian surf... coughs and stumbles out of water and heads toward sunset...)

Liza said...

Wow! What a weekend to be off the grid! Thank you Rachel, for such an amazing contest and to all the judges who spent their valuable time reading the entries. I am delighted and honored to be a winner. Thanks so much!

Jenn said...

Haha. Thanks for the random prize, Rachael! It was fun writing and reading all of this. And happy to help give away more prizes! Congrats everybody!

Jocelyn Rish said...

I'm so honored to be named one of the winners! This challenge was so much fun! Thanks again to Rach, Mark, and the other judges and prize donors for a wonderful Campaign!

Rek Sesh said...

I missed this, I kept checking in often, heartfelt congrats to all the winners. I won my first random.org gift, how cool is that.
I am glad to have been able to judge some of the entries in the initial stage. Read more interesting work that way.

Mac Pike said...

Very cool indeed!

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