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Friday, September 2, 2011

Where to from here? (and the Campaigner Notice-Board)

Now that sign-up is over, the official part of the Campaign has begun, woot!!! First, I want to say a huge welcome to the Campaigners. I can't wait to get to know you over the next two months, and I know you're all looking forward to getting to know each other. I'm sorry I haven't been able to respond individually to/visit each and every one of you, but I've been buried under all the admin and thousands of emails I've received since the Campaign started :(

I'm sure you've been wondering how many Campaigners there are, after that huge list of comments (Is it a record, do you think?). Anyway, I'm pleased to announce that the final number of Campaigners is...wait for it...480!!! Wow. That's 480 people who want to network together and support each other as writers. And that, I think, is amazing!

I didn't make the cut-off/I'm not on the List of Campaigners :(

To all those who didn't quite make the cut-off, I'm so sorry you can't take part this time around. But I'll be holding my next Campaign in February next year, and I'd love to see you all on board then.

If you did fill out my Campaigner Form before 11.59 EDT, then you're still a Campaigner, even if you didn't manage to get your name on the Linky List on time. Send me an email with the name you want on the List, your blog url, your picture, and the Group(s) you want to join, and I'll add you to the List. Please do this quickly though, otherwise you'll miss out when your fellow Group members get to know each other.

First Campaigner Challenge

The First Campaigner Challenge is on Monday, so pop back here then if you want to take part in the fun!

Where to from here?

Where to from here, you ask? I gave you some suggestions in my previous post. Basically, take advantage of all the networking opportunities the Campaign is providing you. You can:
  • meet and chat with other Campaigners on Twitter at #writecampaign
  • join in the Campaigner Yahoo Group
  • visit the Campaigners' blogs
  • and above all, get to know the members of your Group(s) and see what fun activities you can come up with together
If you haven't already, now's the time to go around to your fellow Campaigners and meet those in the same Group(s) as you. Make sure you follow and leave a comment and tell them who you are. Some awesome blogging connections have been made this way in the past. Try to visit them as much as possible during the Campaign, and make sure you leave comments as this is one of the key ways Campaigners can show their support.

This post about organizing Google Reader may help.

As you may have seen, I've assigned numbers to each of the Groups in my List of Campaigners. Find your name and double-check which Group(s) you're in, because I have moved some people around to make the Group sizes more even. I have to make a few more tweaks to the Groups over the weekend and add those people who were late putting their name down on a list (so make sure you check back next week), but basically these are the Groups you'll be in for the rest of the Campaign.

Campaigner Notice-Board

Check out these great blogfests, contests, and other announcements:
  1. Cynthia at Random Thoughts: Synopsis/ Query critque posted on Mondays. I'll comment and everyone else can add help in the comments as well. The side link on my page shows how to submitt  Also I'm hosting a Labor Day blog fest. It's planned to run on September 6th.
  2. Gwen Gardner at Run Gwen, Run! Write Gwen, Write!: Lady Gwen is celebrating her first blogoversary with a Judge and Jury Blogfest beginning On September 5th through September 10th - the first 12 to sign up will be the PAID jury. Be prepared to defend yourself with a scene of less than 300 words, and if you're accused of having the best scene, you win! PLEASE JOIN FOR LOTS OF FUN AND PRIZES!  
  3. Kristy Tate at Kristys Stories: "August 29th- 30th I'll be hosting a contest and two novels, Angela Morrison's TAKEN BY STORM and my own debut novel, STEALING MERCY are up for grabs. Keep posted, because in September I'll be running Kristy's Incredibly Kindle Kontest and one lucky winner will take home a Kindle e-reader.
  4. J. Gunnar Grey at Sweet Saturday Samples: Sweet Saturday Samples is a sort of weekly mini blog hop, where writers post a brief excerpt from a published masterpiece or work in progress, including the genre and a movie-style rating for both the excerpt and the novel. On Saturdays, readers (and writers) hop from blog to blog in search of new-to-them books and writers. All genres are welcome, including erotica. The book doesn't have to be sweet, just the excerpt. Check it out here.
  5. L'Aussie at L'Aussie WritingRomantic Friday Writers: participate in a fun weekly blogfest where members write 400 words of flash fiction to a different theme each week. Stories must have an element of romance. @RFWer (twitter homepage) #RomanticFridayWriters (twitter hashtag). It's open to all writers of romance. You can showcase your WIPs and ask for whatever level of critique you want. Francine (from Romancing the Blog) and L'Aussie choose a Featured Writer each week. Check out our dedicated website for all the info you need.
  6. Sarah P. at The Restless Writer: Chance to win a $12 Amazon giftcard for tweeting to @NaiaUnderwood or commenting on her FB page the answer to this question: "What would you do if you came face to face with an alternate version of yourself?" Winner will be announced on Sept. 5, 2011. Check it out here
  7. Enid Wilson at Steamy Fantasy is hosting a drabble challenge in Sept for fellow campaigners. Send her a drabble of no more than 200 words with the word "love", "constant", "savage", "prejudice" or "impression" in it and your blog detail. She will post your entries and blogs in the corresponding Friday.  
  8. Michele Helene at A Wanderer in Paris: Each Monday I will be running a series of interviews with fellow MG/YA campaigners called: Getting to know you. So if you would like to find out a bit more about the other writer's, pop along each Monday until the 31st Oct. The first week's interview is already up.  
  9. Lisa L. Regan at Lisa L. Regan: I am running a Hook for Your Book Contest for the following genres on the following dates: Fantasy October 10th through October 17th, Romance December 12th through December 19th, Historical Fiction February 13-20, 2012. The contests will be judged by my agent, Jeanie Pantelakis of Sullivan Maxx Literary Agency. Entrants must follow my blog, tweet or blog about the contest, have a finished novel in the applicable genre, post their 50 word pitch with email address into the comments section of my blog after the contest commences. Three finalists will be chosen to send synopsis and full manuscript to Jeanie. She will choose one of those three to give a full read and possible contract with Sullivan Maxx. See my blog post on Contest dates.
  10. Elizabeth Briggs at Liz Writes: To celebrate 500 followers I'm having a huge giveaway, with 2 prize packs (1 YA paranormal, 1 adult urban fantasy)! Ends September 12. Check it out here
  11. Susan Kaye Quinn at Susan Kaye Quinn: Summer Breeze, an anthology to support breast cancer research, will be available until September 30th! It's a collection of sweet romance stories by a group of Omnific Authors (including myself).  Buy it here
  12. Michelle at Oh! For the LOVE of BOOKS is looking for people who want to be part of a book hop. Its from Sept 26 to Sept 30 and you donate or give whatever you want! Email her at mf060784 at gmail dot com
  13. Jessica Aspen at Jessica Aspen Writes: I’m running a round robin story on my blog on Thursday,
  14. September 1st. Check it out here if anyone wants to jump in! 
  15. GlitterLady at Glitterword: #tuesdaytales is a 100 word flash fiction contest held well, every Tuesday! New judge every week great way to prompt your writerly prowess and earn a blog badge while you're at it! Join the fun!
  16. Doreen McGettigan at They say Everyone Has a Story: On my quest to reach 1000 followers; I have a contest running from now until the release of "BRISTOL bOYZ STOMP" see website for easy details and great prizes...(secret clue...follow the book trailer link to 'you tube' and leave a comment)  
  17. Rebekah Loper at Black & Dark Night: A trivia contest is happening today for $10 (USD) in Amazon.com gift cards! Deadline is Sunday to submit answers (specifically, 48 hours from the time of post). Must subscribe to be able to win, and read the blog for all the details! 
  18. Damyanti at Amlokiblogs: J.C. Martin, Lisa Vooght, Stuart Nager and Damyanti are organizing a month-long blogfest for fiction writers. Sign up for some great prizes, and for the unique experience of writing a short story with a lot of writers in a shared world, following the fictional Rule of Three.  
  19. Ruth Hartman Berge at Ruth The Writer: I'm looking for entries in a "Just Who Was This Jones Guy Anyway?" contest. We're having fun with Jones Creek in Jupiter, Florida - no one knows who Jones really is. Runs through 9/07/11. Check it out here
  20. A.J. Mullarky at Magpie & Pen: I'm hosting a Hidden Gems Blogfest over on my blog. If you've read a book that you thought was fantastic but seems to be unknown/underrated by other readers, talk it up on your blog and see what other people are recommending! Check it out here.
  21. Elizabeth Varadan at Elizabeth Varadan aka Mrs. Seraphina: My MG fantasy, The Fourth Wish, is out on Kindle. I'm holding a contest.for a free copy -- winner's choice, either paperback or Kindle version. Check out the rules on my blog. Contest ends Friday, September 9th.
  22. Jennifer Hoffine at YA Audiobook Addict: Friday will be my monthly, How Many Have You Read/Heard Contest where I list the YA audiobooks I listened to that month, and those who comment will get an entry for every one they've read. Prizes will be five Oct pub date ARCs, including FROST, by Wendy Delsol and THE SCORPIO RACES by Maggie Stiefwater.
  23. Aimee at A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Woman: In 2001 The United Nations unanimously adopted 21 September as International Peace Day. I am hosting a blogfest the week of Peace Day to help spread the word and promote peace. 
  24. Meradeth Houston at Write Stuff: The YA & MG authors at the ebook house MuseItUp are holding a giant blogfest throughout the month of September. There will be lots of fun books showcased, including giveaways, contests, and all kinds of fun! The schedule of all the interviews can be found here.
  25. Sarah Ketley at The Precocious Scribe (new Wordpress address): Published authors in the #writecampaign can sign up to the linky with a link to where i can buy their book. During the camapign i will buy as many as i can. I will probably do a little promotion for them and leave reviews.
If you have a blogfest, a contest, or a something-or-other you want me to let people know about, fill out this form and I'll run your announcement in the following Friday's post. Make sure you include all the details please.

I think that's it for now. Happy Campaigning everyone!!! :)


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

480 is manageable! We had 1300 for the A to Z Challenge.
The first post for the Insecure Writer's Support Group is next Wednesday. Those interested can visit my blog for details - http://alexjcavanaugh.blogspot.com/
Looking forward to the Campaign, Rachel!

Isabella said...

Wow, that's a lot of blogfests and events! I'm so glad to be taking part in the Campaign, this is going to be exciting!

Jennifer Hoffine said...

Thanks for all your work, and for plugging my contest. Great stuff. This is so exciting!

Janet Johnson said...

Thousands. Of. Emails.

Wow, you are amazing! Thanks so much for all your hard work to help bloggers connect. Awesome idea!

Claire Lachance said...

I don't see my name. I wonder what I did wrong?

Tracy Krauss said...

That is a lot for u to administer ... thanks for all your effort! This is my first 'campaign' and it looks like fun.

F.E. Sewell said...

Thanks for all the hard work, Rach! You're doing a great job!

Abby Fowers said...

This is great! I can't wait for Monday! :)

Leah said...

480. Wow.

This is amazing. I've already met so many friendly and enthusiastic people. So, kudos!

Denise Covey said...

Holy Toledo! The amount of notices! This big ole blogosphere is one very hip and happening place! D

Christine Murray said...

480 participants! That's amazing! :)

Cally Jackson said...

Wow! That's an impressive number of campaigners. Thanks for your hard work organising us motley crew! :-)

Rachael Harrie said...

Claire, your name is on my Form, so you are a Campaigner. I suspect you didn't put your name on the List of Campaigners, or else there was an error when you tried to do it. Email me with the info I asked for above and I'll include you in the List.



Sarah Tokeley said...

Rachael, you're doing an amazing job, thank you so much.

So much to read, so little time!

Aimée Jodoin said...

Thanks so much for listing my blogfest! I'm excited for Monday!

Crystal said...

Rach, just want to say thank you for all your hard work in organizing this. You are truly awesome. Can't wait to take part in the campaign fun, and I'm already getting to know lots of my fellow campaigners! :-)

Michael Offutt, Phantom Reader said...

You probably spent two hours writing this post...that campaign board is huge.

Michael Offutt, Phantom Reader said...

LOLOLOL...13 full groups of YA. You can tell where all the money is at in the publishing industry. Loot pinata anyone?

Carol Riggs said...

Have fun, everyone! And wow, Rach, what a great and extensive list of other contests and goings-on around the cybersphere. Thanks for compiling the list! Happy Labor Day weekend. :)

Kimberly said...

Thanks so much for doing the Campaigns. I'm having so much fun already!!

Rosalind Adam said...

480!! That's amazing. Well done. Looking forward to Monday :-)

Jules said...

Wow what an amazing number of people!!!

I've already discovered some pretty amazing blogs and people! I'm looking forward to Monday! :D

Anonymous said...

That's a lot going on. I'll be making a concerted effort to get out there and meet new people and hopefully reconnect with some old friends. Have a great day and safe holiday everyone!

Alana said...

Looking forward to getting started! Thanks for arranging this - it looks like an enormous task! :)

I'm on the non-fiction list as "writercize." Look forward to getting to know the other participants!

Trisha said...

Your Campaigns get better every time, Rach! Thanks for the list of 'events' upcoming! Look forward to seeing the challenge :)

Doralynn Kennedy said...

There's a lot of cool stuff going on! Thanks for organizing all this! Pretty impressive!

Adina West said...

That's alot of campaigners! I'm even noticing how many things there are for the notice-board. We're a busy bunch it seems... :-)

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