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Monday, August 1, 2011

Only three weeks until my Third Writers' Platform-Building Campaign!!!

I can't believe how fast this year has raced by. Which means in *checks calendar* three weeks exactly, my Third Writers' Platform-Building Campaign* will begin.

If you haven't heard about my Campaigns (formerly called "Crusades"), pop over here and check them out. Basically, I run them twice a year, and they're a great way to network with and get to know writers in the community, including those who write in your particular genre.

My Campaigns are open to all writers, whether published or unpublished, adult or kidlit. At the start of the Campaign, you'll signing up for Campaigner Groups via Linky Links. The groups are based on the genre(s) you write, and this lets you develop connections with those you have the most in common with.

I'll be encouraging you to follow those Campaigners in your own Group(s) (NOT all Campaigners as was the case last time, as the numbers have simply grown too big).

The Third Campaign will begin on Monday 22nd August (the week after WriteOnCon for all those kidlit writers), and will run until October 31st. I'll be closing the List of Campaigners on August 31st, so only those who join between the 22nd and the 31st will be able to become Campaigners - this will let you get to know the people in your Groups better.

I'll be running some Campaigner Challeges during my Third Campaign, which should be heaps of fun. And there'll be the chance to win prizes as well!

If you haven't taken part before, next Monday I'll tell you all about what you can expect if you sign up for the Campaign. If you're keen to know right now, here's the post I wrote about it for the last Campaign (though remember the part about following all Campaigners no longer applies).

I'm so excited about this - can't wait to see you all on board.

* If you missed my announcement about the name change, see here.


Michael Offutt, Phantom Reader said...

Rach...as a writer of sci-fi I can tell you that the people in my group will number exactly 11. The people that write YA are going to number five thousand. Isn't there a better way to sort than by just what you write? Some of the best advice I've gotten and some of the best friends I've made have crossed genres.

Possible suggestion: Just divide the groups into even slices. No genre, no alphabetizing. Just like a pie with like 100 in one group, 100 in the next etc. How about that?

Rachael Harrie said...

Hey Michael,

Great idea, though most feedback I've had has been that people prefer genres. This might help though:

Division will be done by Campaigners themselves this time - they'll be putting their own names on Linky Links depending on which Group(s) they want to be in. Rather than having one YA Group with 500 members, I'll be putting up heaps of Linky Links so YA Fantasy writers can get together, Adult romance writers can get together, etc. (And there might be, say, 5 different groups of YA Fantasy writers depending on numbers).

I'll also include Linkys allowing for people to choose a cross-genre group if they prefer - that should do the trick, yes?



dolorah said...

Good luck Rachel. I know I had some fun in the last Crusade. I won't be participating this time, but I'll be sending best wishes to all participants :)

I posted this in my community events in hopes of gathering you more participation. Good luck.


Aldrea Alien said...

Ooo, is it that time already?
It sounds like so much fun, but I just missed out last time. -_- Let's see if I can get it right this time. ^_^

Denise Covey said...

Hi Rach, well doesn't time fly. I hope the rewrites are going well (I checked your past posts.) I respect your reasons for a name change but I can't imagine linking the connotations of what happened in Norway with this crusdade. After all, crusades have a long history, both good and bad. Still, campaigners isn't a bad substitute. I like the idea of the linky sign up, but it will always be impossible to please everyone.

Good luck. Now to remember Sign up day!

Still in Canberra enjoying the nippy weather?


CherylAnne Ham said...

Yay. I can't wait for 8/22! Thanks for continuing to host such a great event. I think your idea about selecting groups this time sounds great.

Cally Jackson said...

Can't WAIT for the campaign to begin! Awesome, awesome, awesome!

Hey, I have another idea about groupings, which of course you're happy to take or leave. Any chance we could also have groups based on country? I'd love to make connections with other Aussie writers through the campaign.

I really appreciate all of the work you put into these campaigns, so completely understand if this is pushing the friendship. :-)

Crystal said...

Oooooh, can't wait! *marks August 22 on the calendar* I shall totally be there! :-)

Carol Riggs said...

Great opportunity here; I'm definitely glad I joined the last one. I will be too busy to join this one, but thanks for sponsoring and good luck/have fun to all!

Michael Offutt, Phantom Reader said...

oh okay that makes sense, Rach. Thanks for the response. I'm excited to participate.

Michael Di Gesu said...

Hi, Rach.....

As always you are the most awesome leader. Just three weeks.... amazing.

I hope to be finished with rewrites by then so I can enjoy your newest Campaign... You're the best.

Lissa said...

I LOVE Cally's idea (because of course, us Aussies have to stick together).
Does the grouping by genre mean that if we write multiple genres we can only choose one? I'm publishing a sci-fi but I'm most at home in fantasy.

Rachael Harrie said...

*grins* Great to hear from you guys!

Cally, I'll definitely make a Linky Link for Aussies! US and Canadians too perhaps.

Lissa, Campaigners are very welcome to join multiple groups. It's really just what you prefer :)



Ann said...

I can't believe it! Time has just flown. Will be back to check it out. Aren't you great...taking on all that work again! WonderWoman is only trotting after you! :)

Angela Scott said...

Awesome! I'm so excited. I'll be back *insert Arnold voice here*

CA Heaven said...

I'm not quite sure what the Campaign is about, and I'm not in a group, but I might take a look on the 22nd >:)

Cold As Heaven

Margo Kelly said...

Thanks for doing this! :)

Unknown said...

Great idea as always, good luck with it!

Anonymous said...

I'm doing Ellie Garratt's blogfest on 22nd Aug, but I'd love to be part of this campaign again. :O)

Anonymous said...

Awesome, hasn't time flown! How are you?

Dafeenah said...

Yay I didn't miss it this time thanks to Alex mentioning it on his blog. Super excited to be doing this. Thanks so much for hosting it. It's a great idea!

L.A Speedwing said...

I'm quite exciting to try this and thanks for doing this.

TD Tessier said...

This sounds like just what I've been looking for! Sorry I missed the sign up deadline, just now found the site. I'll be looking forward to the next one. :D

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