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Monday, May 16, 2011

Stay and Fight

(Don't jump in halfway! Click here to start your adventure)

The shadow looms before you, huge, so huge. The light of the flashlight plays over it yet you can’t make out details. All you have are impressions, half-remembered pictures that appear and vanish in the wink of an instant. Long fur covering its body, white, but tipped with dark flecks. It couldn’t be blood, could it? You swallow. Claws on its outstretched hands, curved inward and at least three inches long. Legs as thick as your whole body.

'This is it. I’m done for now,' you think.

You shine the flashlight higher up and cringe when you see them. Teeth, polished and gleaming, the sort you can imagine wrapped around a human leg or two. Snout. Wild, yellow eyes, with a look deep within them that says, 'I’m hungry for man-flesh.'

You know then, it’s either kill or be killed. So you swing the flashlight and bop the monster—the Yeti?—across the nose.

“Ouch,” the Yeti squeals. Its voice is high-pitched and cracks at the height of the noise.

You blink. This isn’t the sound of an enraged man-killer. But you hit the Yeti again, shoving your flashlight deep into its stomach until you feel its fur tickling your wrist. “Yes,” you shout, triumph speeding through your veins.

The Yeti takes a step back. The light of your flashlight reveals a footprint on the muddy floor of the cave. Human in shape, through three times as big as your own footprint. You rip your eyes away before fear can turn you to stone.

You follow the Yeti and raise your flashlight for another strike. But the Yeti holds out its hand. “Wait. Please,” it begs.

You blink some more. Did it really speak?

Or are you going crazy?

Do you:
Talk to it?

Or do you:
Run after all?
Start over?


Alleged Author said...

Talk to the Yeti, of course! No one likes being ignored. :P What a great idea!

Cally Jackson said...

Yep, I'm with Alleged. Talk to the Yeti. Peace not violence! :-)

Susanna Leonard Hill said...

I have to go with talk to it as well - but them maybe I'll come back and choose another option later just for fun!

Sage Ravenwood said...

Oh, I would talk, definitely. Especially since we've already established you can defend yourself quite well, with only a flashlight on hand. (Hugs)Indigo

Suze said...

I love what Alleged Author wrote. :)

Nas said...

Well I'd say talk to the Yeti!

Unknown said...

How much fun is this? I'm having a ball checking out all of the options.

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