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Friday, January 28, 2011

So what does being a Crusader involve?

As per my Crusade heads-up post last week, my Second Writers' Platform-Building Crusade will begin next Friday, February 4, 2011. For those who haven't heard of the Crusade, check it out here and here.

In this post I thought I'd tell you a bit more about the Crusade, and what you can expect if you come on board as a Crusader (and you're all very welcome, the more the merrier!).

In a nutshell (Help, I'm in a nutshell! *chortles*), the Crusade is a way for you to meet your fellow bloggers and get to know them better, while at the same time getting support in your blogging. It's also a way for you to increase your followers quite significantly (though please don't join just for that, this is about networking and platform-building rather than increasing follower numbers)

The Crusaders are people who genuinely want to meet others, pay it forward, and make connections with other bloggers. This therefore gives you a pool of bloggers (some starting out, some established) who you know are in the same position. You can make friends, find critique partners, get support in your writing etc etc - basically, it's up to you. For those bloggers who are just starting out (and even those who've been blogging for a while), the Crusade gives you a head start in finding other like-minded bloggers to connect with.

If you want to become a Crusader - 

(1) follow me if you haven't already, so you can keep in touch with all the Crusade Biz(ness) (posted on Fridays) and take part in Crusade Challenges etc.
(2) keep an eye out for my post on Friday, February 4. Comment on that post so people know you're taking part, then fill out the form (you may wish to "subscribe by email" to that post so you can see when new Crusaders come on board). I'll be posting a list of Crusaders and links to their blogs in my List of Crusaders on Rach Writes... as soon as I can after Feb 4.
(3) post about the Crusade, so you can help spread the word to your followers.

Once you are a Crusader - 

(1) follow all the other Crusaders (keep an eye on my List of Crusaders page at the top of Rach Writes... so you know when new Crusaders are added to the list or else "subscribe by email" to my original Crusade post (Feb 4)).
(2) once I've posted the List of Crusaders, check who is in your Crusader Group, pop round to their blogs, and leave a comment to introduce yourself.
(3) if you wish, pop round to some or all of the other Crusaders and introduce yourself as well.
(4) put a Crusade button on your blog sidebar (I use the above picture for all my Crusade stuff so feel free to use that one) and link it back to my Writers' Platform-Building Crusade page at the top of Rach Writes...
(5) some Crusaders like to put a blog roll on their sidebars that links to all the Crusaders. Others just use my List of Crusaders page to find the Crusaders. Original Crusaders, you might need to update your current blog rolls once the new List of Crusaders is published.
(6) keep an eye out for posts by other Crusaders (and particularly those in your Crusade Group) and do your best to comment on as many as you can, as often as you can. This is one of the key ways Crusaders will help each other out and pay it forward.
(7) join in the Crusader Challenges if you wish (I'm hoping to run one every second or third Friday). It's a great way to get to know the other Crusaders and have fun at the same time. I'll be offering prizes like last year - at this stage a Crusader Challenge Winner button (if I can get my act in gear and work out how to design one!) + an interview on Rach Writes...

So... Any questions? Any suggestions for Crusader Challenge ideas or prizes? Any other comments or suggestions? 

Only a week to go, woot!!!


Michael Di Gesu said...

Hi, Rach,

Sounds exciting... I can't wait to start and join next week. I'm really looking forward to it.

I have one question. How are the groups formed?


Rachael Harrie said...

Hey Michael, can't wait to have you on board!

I'll be asking everyone to say in the form what type of books they write, eg adult fiction or children's books, as well as YA, MG, PBs, romance, sci-fi, etc. Then I'll see what we get and divide the Crusaders up somehow :) At a minimum I'll divide into adult fiction and children's fiction, but I'll also try to divide into YA, MG, and PBs as well if possible. In part (and for adult fiction in particular) it will depend on how many people write in a particular genre, because I don't want to just put 2 people in a group.

People who write in more than one genre (including adult + children's fiction) can either choose one or elect to go in both groups if they want to meet people in both groups.

Hope that makes sense.


Unknown said...

Sounds good :)

Not sure what to do from here though. I'm sure you'll enlighten me... :)

Alison Pearce Stevens said...

Oh, good! I'm way behind with the new crusaders after my hiatus; this will help me get back up to speed!

Jess said...

Hooray! Looking forward to this :) By the way, I've got a confession: every time I've read one of your posts mentioning the Crusaders, I think of Indiana Jones and the last Crusade, and then the Indiana Jones theme song fills my head with cheesy music...I kinda like that :)

Elena Solodow said...

This sounds great. I'm in. Looking forward to next week!

Golden Eagle said...

I'm looking forward to it! :)

Crazy Life of a Writing Mom said...

Such an awesome idea ;)


L.A. Colvin said...

I'm so excited. heheehe

Len Lambert said...

Im looking forward to it, Rachel! :)

Stina said...

Oh, so that's how it works. Cool!

DL Hammons said...

I'm looking forward to doing this again! It was a blast last year!! :)

Anonymous said...

I'm really looking forward to it.

Adina West said...

Hi Rach, the sub-division into groups is a great idea. Will be watching out for your call to arms on February 4th.


henya said...

What a unique idea!!!! Love your creative mind. I'm in...(just tweeted you too...and that's another way of helping out a friend)

The Sisterhood said...

Yaaay! The crusade is back! Thanks, Rach.


PS. Agent Chelsea Gilmore from Maria Carvainis Agency has granted me an interview and will stop today by my blog to answer readers' questions, if anybody is interested.


Heather Hellmann said...

That sounds so exciting! I can't wait for tomorrow.

VR Barkowski said...

Count me in. Looking forward to it!

Carolyn Abiad said...

I'll try this! I love Crusades. :)

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