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Saturday, August 14, 2010

The curse of the story that's just begging to be told...

I personally think one of the most exciting things about writing is the story that's just begging to be told. It can come to you at any time - when you're washing the dishes, sitting in your office at work, changing your baby's nappy, driving down the street. You spend the next few hours thinking about the new plot, working things up in your mind. You get so excited about how it will all work out, how well the plot will fit within the current trends of the day, how easily the words will flow from your head onto the paper.

Then, you sit down to start writing what someone I've recently met calls "your shiny new story".

And you put the story you were working on just yesterday on the shelf next to the six other stories that are already there.

Sound like you??? I know it's something I do. A lot.

I must say, I haven't yet worked out how to stop my brain from coming up with all these new ideas. And I'm starting to think they're actually a curse rather than a blessing. You see, I'd really like to finish one of the books I've already started. And I think I need to work out a way to do that. Fairly soon.

So, the question of the day - how do you stay focused on the one piece of writing for long enough to finish a whole book?

Gotta go, just thought of a fantastic new idea...

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