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List of Crusaders

Below is the list of Crusaders in my Second Writers' Platform-Building Crusade:
  1. Rachael Harrie (Rach Writes...) [Twitter] YA (horror)
  2. Angela Scott (Whimsy, Writing, and Reading) [Twitter] YA
  3. Adina West (Stairways and Landings) Paranormal, psychological thrillers, women's fiction
  4. Chenoa Fawn (Sibylline Syllables) [Twitter] Adult fiction, YA
  5. Len L (Conversations with Self) MG, Literary women’s fiction
  6. Marieke (Marieke's Musings) [Twitter] YA, MG
  7. Will Burke (Fatherhood & Other Common Terrors) Fantasy, alternative history
  8. Megan K. Bickel (The Write-at-Home-Mom) [Twitter] Picture books
  9. Heather Hellmann (Pen, Paper, Lots of Coffee) YA
  10. E.J. Wesley (The Open Vein) YA, MG, horror, suspense
  11. Hart the Tart (Confessions of a Watery Tart) [Twitter] Mystery, suspense, YA (mystery, suspense)
  12. Jess Lawson (Falling Leaflets) MG, YA
  13. L.A. Colvin (First Draft at Life, Literature and Lunacy) YA
  14. Tessa Quin (The Quest for a Literary Agent) [Twitter] YA
  15. Ann (Inkpots n' Quills) [Twitter] Adult fiction
  16. Laura Diamond (Diamond, Yup Like the Stone) [Twitter] YA (dystopian, urban fantasy), MG (adventure)
  17. Susan Schreyer (Writing Horses) Cozy mysteries (with an edge)
  18. E.C. Smith (E.C.s Ramblings) Urban fantasy, paranormal historical romance
  19. Tracy Buscemi (Forever Endeavor) [Twitter] Paranormal romance
  20. ProjectFraeya (Project Freya) [Twitter] YA
  21. Bess Weatherby (It's the world, dear) [Twitter] YA, fantasy
  22. Summer Ross (My Inner Fairy) Fantasy (fairies), romance, short stories, non-fiction (short stories), horror, poetry, erotic fiction
  23. PK Hrezo (PK HREZO) [Twitter] YA (contemporary, fantasy)
  24. Mask (The Blogger Formerly Known As) [Twitter] Fantasy, romance
  25. Savannah Chase (Savannah Chase' Official Author Blog) [Twitter] Adult fiction, romance, paranormal, fantasy, contemporary, sweet romance, erotic fiction
  26. Carolyn Snow Abiad (Serendipity) YA (historical fantasy)
  27. Ciara Knight (Ciara Knight) [Twitter] Fantasy, paranormal, YA (fantasy, paranormal)
  28. Raquel Byrnes (Edge of Your Seat Romance) [Twitter] Romantic suspense
  29. Dominic de Mattos (Writes of Passage) [Twitter] Fantasy, science fiction
  30. Charlotte Rains Dixon (Charlotte Rains Dixon) [Twitter] Adult fiction. I make my living writing non-fiction and coaching and mentoring writers
  31. Rusty Webb (The Blutonian Death Egg) [Twitter] Science fiction
  32. Lola Sharp (Sharp Pen/Dull Sword) [Twitter] Adult fiction (mainstream), YA (urban fantasy and dystopian)
  33. Julie Musil (Julie Musil) [Twitter] YA, children's fiction and nonfiction
  34. Lynda R Young (W.I.P. It: A Writer's Journey) [Twitter] YA (steampunk, fantasy, adventure fantasy), speculative short stories (science fiction, fantasy, horror), Christian articles and devotions
  35. Anica Grey (Butterfly Mind) [Twitter] Science-fiction, fantasy
  36. Charlotte McClain (Charlotte McClain) Romance
  37. Amanda Milner (Amanda’s Twisted Truths) [Twitter] YA (paranormal)
  38. Rachel Morgan (Rachel Morgan Writes) [Twitter] YA (fantasy, paranormal romance)
  39. Zan Marie Steadham (In the Shade of the Cherry Tree) Adult fiction (mainstream), women's fiction, science fiction, devotional, non-fiction history
  40. Claire Gregory (All the World's Our Page) Literary fiction, adult fiction (focussing on Australian family saga and First World War topics)
  41. Margo Berendsen (Writing at High Altitude) [Twitter] YA, MG
  42. DL (Cruising Altitude) [Twitter] Mysteries, suspense
  43. Kristal Lee (Romances Where Love is Magick) [Twitter] Contemporary paranormal romance
  44. Tara (Feel of Something New) Romantic suspense, romance, suspense
  45. Michael (In Time ...) [Twitter] YA (fantasy, contemporary), MG (fantasy, contemporary)
  46. Adriana Kraft (Adriana Kraft) [Twitter] Contemporary erotic fiction with LGBT characters
  47. Catherine Johnson (Kangaroobee) [Twitter] Picture books, MG (rhyming novel), Poems
  48. Misha (My First Book) [Twitter] YA (Epic fantasy)
  49. PJ Lincoln (PJ Writes) [Twitter] Thrillers, Christian-based stories
  50. L'Aussie Denise (L’Aussie Writing) [Twitter] Romantic suspense (contemporary/literary)
  51. Kari Marie (Writing By Heart) [Twitter] Paranormal, YA (paranormal)
  52. Rachel (All the World's Our Page) Historical fiction, historical suspense
  53. Margo Benson (Margo Benson) Romance, paranormal
  54. Tony Benson (Fireside Park) Science fiction, fantasy (with a paranormal element)
  55. Madeleine (Scribble and Edit) Women's fiction, realistic fiction, YA
  56. Trisha Leaver (The Absolutely Boring Life of an Aspiring Author) [Twitter] YA (contemporary, dystopian). Represented by Jessica Sinsheimer of The Sarah Jane Freymann Literary Agency
  57. Kristen (All the World's Our Page) Paranormal, historical romance, steampunk romance
  58. Susan (All the World's Our Page) [Twitter] Adult fiction
  59. Lydia K (The Word is My Oyster) YA
  60. Danette (There's a place I dream) [Twitter] Literary fiction
  61. Sandra Ulbrich Almazan (Sandra Ulbrich Almazan: Speculative Fiction Author) Science fiction, fantasy
  62. Jen (All the World's Our Page) Mystery, suspense, YA (paranormal)
  63. Carrie (Carrie Keeps Typing) MG
  64. J.C. Martin (Fighter Writer) [Twitter] Crime, psychological suspense, horror, fantasy, paranormal, romance
  65. Quinn (seeing, dreaming ... writing) [Twitter] YA (paranormal)
  66. Rachel Firasek (A Possessed WIP) [Twitter] Paranormal romance, urban fantasies. Debut novel will release in April from Crescent Moon Press
  67. Susanna Hill (Susanna Hill) Picture books, novelty and board books, early readers (hoping to write an MG or YA novel this year)
  68. J.L. Campbell (The Character Depot) [Twitter] Romance, romantic suspense
  69. VR Barkowski (VR Barkowski: A Writer's Blog) [Twitter] Thrillers, mysteries
  70. Lauri Griffin (Lauri's Blog) Adult fiction (mainstream, literary), short stories
  71. Vicki Tremper (VB Tremper) [Twitter] YA, MG (paranormal)
  72. Catherine Ensley (Words World and Wings) YA (contemporary realistic)
  73. Shelley Batt (Voices of a Writer) YA, MG
  74. Autumn Shelley (Magick, Alchemy and Love) [Twitter] Paranormal, urban fantasy. Interested in horror, historical, contemporary
  75. Michelle Merrill (Perfecting The Craft) YA (paranormal, fantasy, contemporary thrillers)
  76. Becky Wallace (What's Your Thought On That) YA
  77. Jessica (Witless Exposition) (Cerebral Lunchbox) [Twitter] Urban fantasy
  78. The Golden Eagle (The Eagle's Aerial Perspective) Science fiction, fantasy, adventure/action, YA
  79. Elena Solodow (You're Write. Except when you're Rong.) [Twitter] YA (fantasy)
  80. Ben Langhinrichs (My Comfy Chair) [Twitter] MG (fantasy), YA (science fiction), science fiction
  81. Su (Cheekyness) [Twitter] Chick lit
  82. Chris Phillips (Chris Phillips - Slushpile Savant) MG
  83. Miles McG (An Author's Quest) YA (action/adventure, thrillers, horror, science fiction)
  84. SA Larsen (Writers' Ally) [Twitter] YA (paranormal, romantic, otherworldly), MG (tween/teen who's not-so-average), short stories, picture books
  85. Deniz (The Girdle of Melian) YA, MG, historical romance
  86. The Weed (The Weed) [Twitter] Paranormal suspense mystery, YA
  87. Crystal Collier (Crossroads) [Twitter] YA (paranormal, fantasy, thriller, romance, urban fiction, historical fiction)
  88. Mlle Lizka (Laws of Gravity) Fantasy (with science fiction elements)
  89. Sari Webb (Confessions of an Aspiring Author) [Twitter] YA (fantasy, paranormal)
  90. Chris Kelworth (The Kelworth Files) Science fiction, fantasy
  91. Margo Kelly (Margo Kelly) [Twitter] YA (contemporary, urban fantasy)
  92. Samantha Verant (Life, Love & Living in France) YA, MG, memoir, romantic comedy
  93. Katharine Owens (The Insect Collector) YA (mysteries)
  94. Natasha Hanova (Writes By Moonlight) [Twitter] YA (paranormal, dark fantasy), paranormal, dark fantasy
  95. Faith B. (Literary Coldcuts on Toasty Buns) [Twitter] YA (fantasy, science fiction, paranormal and magical realism elements), MG, women's fiction, historical fiction
  96. Tina DC Hayes (Tina DC Hayes, Author at Large) Romantic suspense, literary fiction
  97. Sully's Scribbles (Sully's Scribbles) [Twitter] Urban fantasy, horror
  98. LadyJai (Snippets from my mind) [Twitter] Picture books
  99. Lindz (Rapturous Randomocity) fantasy, YA (fantasy)
  100. Damsel in a Dirty Dress (Damsel in a Dirty Dress) [Twitter] Fantasy, romance, adventure, urban fantasy
  101. Linda Katmarian (Scheherezade's Journal) Mainstream fiction, literary fiction
  102. LV (Literary Friction) [Twitter] Literary fiction, erotic fiction, contemporary, psychological
  103. Mercy (Have Mercy! Killer Reviews) [Twitter] Fantasy, science fiction
  104. L. L. McKinney (Info Dump a la El) [Twitter] YA (urban, contemporary, fantasy, cyberpunk, paranormal, romance)
  105. L. Diane Wolfe (Spunk on a Stick's Tips) [Twitter] Non-fiction/self-help, YA
  106. Madeline (Capricious Existence) YA (paranormal, romance, horror)
  107. Meika (Waiting on the Muse) [Twitter] Chick lit, women's fiction, romantic comedy
  108. Steve Finn (Fridayam's blog) [Twitter] Poems
  109. Beth Elisa (Beth Elisa Harris) YA, urban fantasy (with crossover appeal)
  110. Becca C. (Nerd Girl Reads & Writes) YA (contemporary)
  111. Alexis (Kore Averna) YA (fantasy - characters are a little older than traditional YA, dystopia)
  112. Erin (Quitting My Day Job) YA (contemporary)
  113. Christine Bryant (Day Dreamer) [Twitter] YA (paranormal, romance, fantasy, science fiction)
  114. ali cross (Ali Cross) [Twitter] YA (science fiction, fantasy), MG (science fiction, fantasy)
  115. Lisa Potts (Lisa M Potts) [Twitter] YA 
  116. dstracywrites (My Life In Writing) [Twitter] Suspense, women's fiction
  117. Constance (The Precocious Scribe) [Twitter] YA (contemporary, fantasy, historical)
  118. Kerrin Hearfield (Kerrin Hearfield) Romance (Riva line for Mills and Boon), romantic suspense (for ST)
  119. Rogue Mutt (Every Other Writer Has a Blog...Why Can't I?) Science fiction, fantasy
  120. Dawn Allen (Write On) [Twitter] YA (Science fiction, fantasy), adult mysteries
  121. Charity Bradford (My Writing Journey) [Twitter] Science fiction, fantasy (with a heavy dose of adventure and romance) 
  122. Pam Parker (Finding Meaning with Words) [Twitter] Literary fiction (novel and short stories)
  123. Chantele Sedgwick (My Writing Bug) [Twitter] YA (fantasy, paranormal)
  124. Alberta Ross (Alberta's Sefuty Chronicles) [Twitter] Dystopian (post apocalyptic post-climate change speculative science fiction)
  125. M.J. Fifield (My Pet Blog) [Twitter] Fantasy
  126. Donea Lee (The Queen of Procrastination) YA (contemporary fantasy), working on a MG idea
  127. Stefunny (The Writing Garden) [Twitter] YA
  128. Shari Bird (Think Dream Inspire) [Twitter] YA (fantasy, contemporary)
  129. Dan Klinefelter (Sanguine Musings) [Twitter] Science fiction, paranormal
  130. Erin Fish (The Willy Wonka Experience) YA (science fiction, dystopian)
  131. Nicole Ducleroir (One Significant Moment at a Time) [Twitter] Literary fiction, women's lit, mainstream
  132. Shannon O'Donnell (Book Dreaming) Picture books, chapter books, MG
  133. Jordan McCollum (Jordan McCollum) [Twitter] Mystery, thriller, suspense
  134. Nas Dean (Nas Dean) [Twitter] Contemporary romance
  135. Kar Took (Barbie ruined My Life) [Twitter] Adult (fantasy, supernatural, magical realism), YA (fantasy, supernatural, magical realism)
  136. Liz Fichera (Liz Fichera's Blog) [Twitter] Historical romance, contemporary romance, fantasy romance, YA
  137. Patricia A. Timms (Simplicity in Volumes) YA (younger, paranormal)
  138. Lois D. Brown (Life of Lois) YA, MG
  139. Anny Cook (anny's points of view) Erotic fiction, sensual romance
  140. Gina Blechman (Kaleidescope Thoughts: Life, Love, and Dystopia) [Twitter] YA (dystopian), erotic fiction (lesbian/bisexual romance, realistic)
  141. Elizabeth Twist (Elizabeth Twist: Writer, Plague Enthusiast) [Twitter] dark fantasy, horror, urban fantasy
  142. Kelsey Sutton (Kelsey Sutton) [Twitter] YA
  143. J E Fritz (Still Writing...) [Twitter] YA (post-apocalyptic)
  144. Aimee L. Salter (Seeking the Write Life) [Twitter] YA (paranormal, urban fantasy)
  145. Hope Welsh (Hope Welsh) [Twitter] Romance, romantic suspense, erotic fiction, fantasy, paranormal
  146. Devin Bond (Devin's Musings) [Twitter] YA (romance, paranormal, fantasy)
  147. Amber Slattery (Valerie and Julia) [Twitter] Women's fiction (gritty)
  148. Aun-Juli (Why Only Dream (but dreaming is okay too)) [Twitter] YA (fantasy, urban fantasy, horror)
  149. Brian Horne (Dad at the Chalkboard) [Twitter] Short fiction, realistic fiction, comedy
  150. Nina (nindogs) [Twitter] YA (fantasy (high and urban), adventure, romance)
  151. Susan Fields (Susan Fields) YA (fantasy, science fiction)
  152. Sylvia van Bruggen (Play with your Writing) [Twitter] Science fiction, non fiction (health/spirituality)
  153. Christine Danek (Christine's Journey) [Twitter] YA (paranormal, science fiction, romance)
  154. Jennifer Elliott (Life of a Writer) Chick lit
  155. Lynnette Labelle (*Lynnette Labelle*) [Twitter] Romantic suspense. Certified proofreader and copyeditor
  156. deboree (Deborah Walker's Bibliography) [Twitter] Science fiction, fantasy, horror short stories, poems
  157. Alyssa Fox (Alyssa Fox) [Twitter] Contemporary romance, erotic fiction
  158. Francesca Amendolia (Making It Up) [Twitter] YA (younger), MG
  159. J Randayle Greyson (Survival. Mama's Point of View) [Twitter] Thriller
  160. Anne-Mhairi Simpson (Anne-Mhairi Simpson) [Twitter] YA (fantasy), fantasy, science fiction
  161. Tanya Reimer (Life's like that) Urban fantasy, MG (upper, fantasy)
  162. Sarah Tate (The Sarah Tate Blog) [Twitter] Non-fiction (creative), psychological thriller
  163. Carol Riggs (Artzicarol Ramblings) YA
  164. Laura J. Moss (LauraJMoss.com) [Twitter] YA (dystopian)
  165. Nikki (Raising Marshmallows) Picture books, YA, Literary Fiction
  166. CherylAnne (CherylAnne Ham) [Twitter] YA (fantasy)
  167. Kim Mullican (An Adventure in Writing) [Twitter] Urban fantasy, paranormal, true crime, suspense, chick lit (all with strong female MCs)
  168. Stasia Kehoe (Writer on the Side) [Twitter] YA (contemporary). My first novel, AUDITION, will be published by Viking this October
  169. Regina Linton (Unsettled) [Twitter] YA (paranormal), paranormal, mystery, dystopian
  170. Robyn Campbell (Putting Pen To Paper) [Twitter] Picture books, chapter books, MG
  171. Elizabeth Mueller (Elizabeth Mueller) YA (romance, historical, fantasy, paranormal, urban fantasy, contemporary), picture books
  172. Gen Jordan (Living on Earth) Science fiction, fantasy, occasional fan-fiction
  173. Pensheep (A Writerly Pensheep) [Twitter] Speculative fiction, literary fiction
  174. Jolene Stockman (Total Blueprint for World Domination) [Twitter] YA (non-fiction, fiction)
  175. K. Howard (Morike of the Chair) Science fiction, fantasy
  176. Trisha (W O R D + S T U F F) Fantasy, contemporary romance, Science Fiction, MG
  177. Cally Jackson (Cally Jackson) [Twitter] YA (contemporary fiction)
  178. Cindy Borgne (Dreamer's Perch) [Twitter] Science fiction, fantasy, paranormal, inspirational
  179. Meredith (Meredith Writes) [Twitter] YA (historical, fantasy)
  180. Cherie Reich (Surrounded by Books) [Twitter] YA, paranormal, fantasy, mystery, short stories (horror)
  181. Yves Brown McClain (The Journey of an Authoress) [Twitter] Women’s fiction, chick lit, African-American
  182. WritingNut (Writing In A Nutshell) YA (fantasy)
  183. Liza Kane (Redeeming The Time) [Twitter] YA (speculative fiction)
  184. Michael Offutt (SLC Kismet) Science fiction, speculative fiction, fantasy, urban fantasy, dark fantasy
  185. Diane Gillette (Happy Writing!) [Twitter] YA, short literary fiction
  186. Kerri Cuevas (Craft Junkie) [Twitter] YA (urban fantasy, paranormal romance)
  187. Brooke R. Busse (Paper Mountain) YA (fantasy), realistic fiction, short stories (paranormal, horror)
  188. Akoss (A search for the Writer in me) (Nye Louwon - My Spirit) MG, YA (fantasy)
  189. Alison Miller (Left Brained by Day; Write Brained - All The Time) [Twitter] YA (paranormal, adventure)
  190. Rebecca Enzor (StickyNoteStories) [Twitter] YA/New Adult, fantasy, magical realism.
  191. Sharde Richardson (Realm Of Randomness) [Twitter] YA (paranormal), MG (paranormal)
  192. Louise Wise (Louise Wise's Wise Words) [Twitter] Chick lit (modern comedy romance)
  193. MC Howe (Pensive Sarcasm) MG (adventure, mainstream), humor
  194. Eileen Wiedbrauk (Speak Coffee to Me) [Twitter] Urban fantasy, literary fantasy, folklore-inspired
  195. Cleveland Dietz II (Everything in a Second) [Twitter] Poems, short stories
  196. Rane Anderson (The Lit Express) [Twitter] YA (paranormal romance, urban fantasy)
  197. Susan L-S (Wiggle Room: Because Every Writer Needs A Room of Her Own) [Twitter] Mysteries, lesbian fiction, nonfiction, theology. Cofounder of Puddletown Publishing Group, a new publisher of high-quality ebooks by new and established authors, publishing YA, LGBT, romance, kidlit, children's picture books, adult fiction and non-fiction across multiple platforms and POD 
  198. Wanita May (wanitajump’s blog) [Twitter] YA (fantasy). Rae of Hope - first book in the Chronicles of Kerrigan is due out Oct 2011 by kRP Publishing
  199. Lisa Nowak (The Tao of Webfoot) [Twitter] YA
  200. Janina R. Williams (My Road to Freedom, A Chicago Freelance Writer's Guide) [Twitter] Picture books, MG, short stories (literary fiction)
  201. brynafischer (brynafischer) [Twitter] Non-fiction (short articles for eHow). I've been an editor for more than twenty years. Beginner blogger
  202. Jeanne Kraus (Captive Audience) Women humor writers, children's (writing for kids with special needs (ADD))
  203. Rachele Alpine (Freckle Head...) YA (contemporary)
  204. Jen (What's On the Bookshelf) [Twitter] YA (contemporary)
  205. Kristina Fugate (KayKay's Corner) [Twitter] YA (urban fantasy)
  206. Wanda Argersinger (Lost In The Land of Confusion) [Twitter] humorous stories about life
  207. Liz Hellebuyck (Purgatory (aka editing)) YA
  208. Sierra Gardner (Sierra's Writing Adventure) [Twitter] Thriller/suspense (including paranormal thriller, sci-fi thriller, psychological thriller)
  209. Juniper (Title to be Determined Later) Mystery
  210. Joanne (The Nuts and Bolts of Life) Paranormal romance
  211. Barb Best (Barbs Blast) [Twitter] Humor, children's fiction
  212. Alison Pearce Stevens (Alison Pearce Stevens) [Twitter] MG, picture books
  213. Clarissa Draper (Listen To The Voices) [Twitter] Mystery/Thriller
  214. Donna Hole (Donna Hole) Women's fiction, epic fantasy, short stories (thrillers, fantasy/science fiction)
  215. erica and christy (erica and christy) [Twitter] YA (contemporary and fantasy), MG (Ghost Story)
  216. Theresa Milstein (Substitute Teacher's Saga), YA (fantasy, paranormal, dystopian)
  217. Mary Mary (The Random Book Review) Historical Fiction
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