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Sunday, April 1, 2012

A to Z Blogging Challenge (Rach's Writing Prompts CONTEST!!!)

My internet problems are still ongoing, so I've had to rethink how I'll be participating in the A to Z Blogging Challenge this year. I've got a little creative *grins*. I've decided to hold a contest, which will run for the whole month of April. The theme of the contest is Writing Prompts (from A to Z), and there'll be prizes at the end of the contest for the winners :)

Here's how it will work:

For those of you participating in the A to Z Blogging Challenge (and those of you who are not), write a short story/flash fiction/poetry/other writing in the comments section of this post. The entry should be based on this picture and should be less than 150 words.

In keeping with the A to Z Blogging Challenge, the entries should also comply with the following, based on the day you write your entry (for consistency, we'll be working in US EDT time):
  • Sunday April 1 - base your entry around the letter "A"
  • Monday April 2 - your entry should contain the words "brackish" and "bend"
  • Tuesday April 3 - begin and end your entry with a word beginning with the letter "C"
  • Wednesday April 4 - include four words starting with the letter "D" in your entry
  • Thursday April 5 - base your entry around the letter "E"
  • Friday April 6 -  your entry should contain the words "flight", "forlorn", and "fog"
  • Saturday April 7 -  begin and end your entry with a word beginning with the letter "G"
  • Sunday April 8 - free choice - no requirements for your entry. Alternatively, for an added challenge, see how many words beginning with the different letters of the alphabet you can include
  • Monday April 9 - include four words starting with the letter "H" in your entry
  • Tuesday April 10 -  base your entry around the letter "I"
  • Wednesday April 11 - include three words starting with the letter "J" in your entry 
  • Thursday April 12 - your entry should contain the words "king", "kestrel", and "key"
  • Friday April 13 - begin and end your entry with a word beginning with the letter "L"
  • Saturday April 14 - include four words starting with the letter "M" in your entry 
  • Sunday April 15 - free choice - no requirements for your entry. Alternatively, for an added challenge, see how many words beginning with the different letters of the alphabet you can include
  • Monday April 16 - base your entry around the letter "N"
  • Tuesday April 17 - your entry should contain the words "own" and "orient"
  • Wednesday April 18 - begin and end your entry with a word beginning with the letter "P"
  • Thursday April 19 - include three words starting with the letter "Q" in your entry
  • Friday April 20 - base your entry around the letter "R"
  • Saturday April 21 - your entry should contain the words "silent" and "slinks"
  • Sunday April 22 - free choice - no requirements for your entry. Alternatively, for an added challenge, see how many words beginning with the different letters of the alphabet you can include
  • Monday April 23 - base your entry around the letter "T"
  • Tuesday April 24 - your entry should contain the words "unsure" and "unknown"
  • Wednesday April 25 - include three words starting with the letter "V" in your entry
  • Thursday April 26 - begin and end your entry with a word beginning with the letter "W" 
  • Friday April 27 - see how many X's you can include in words in your entry
  • Saturday April 28 - include as many words beginning with the letter "Y" as you can
  • Sunday April 29 - free choice - no requirements for your entry. Alternatively, for an added challenge, see how many words beginning with the different letters of the alphabet you can include
  • Monday April 30 - base your entry around the letter "Z"
I hope you have fun taking part in my contest! Feel free to enter as many times as you wish and on as many days as you wish - the only requirements for you to claim a prize are that you are following me, and that you include your email address in your entry if it's not already included in your user profile. And I'd love it if you'd tweet or facebook or Google+ the contest or mention it on your blog.

And the prizes (international) for the best entries as determined by yours truly are:

- guest post on Rach Writes...
- interview on Rach Writes...
- book (from The Book Depository) or Amazon gift card (emailed) to the maximum value of $15
- a query critique by me

Good luck, and I can't wait to see what you come up with :)


PT Dilloway said...

Nah, it takes too long to write all those 26 entries as it is.

Unknown said...

I have tried and tried again to return to Avalon. I know it resides in this lake, for I know this water, swam in it when I lived on the scared Island. I had left Avalon not understanding what my birthplace was and what in turn I was. But I know now, I am a Priestess of Balance, but those on this shore fear me, seek to kill me. Only on Avalon will I be safe, only on the other side of this fog. But just as I forsake her years ago, the Island forsakes me now. I cannot return home.

Krista McLaughlin said...

Great idea but alas, I've already scheduled all of my 26 posts and I'm a little tired of the alphabet game. Good luck to anyone trying!

Rachel said...

I'll at least try this first A half of the story. I am also doing the A to Z challenge for the first time :-)

The winds whispered to her like the nanny that once took care of her and told her ancient stories.
She had followed the sound until she reached Lake Alabaster and she sat on a rock until the winds died down. She shivered as she dipped her toes in the water. It was freezing. It was April yet the waters felt like it should have been January.
She wrapped her shawl around her and listened for her name again.
"Alice..." cried the winds. "Alice..."

Miriam Drori said...

As her eyes scanned the picture, her mind remembered childhood games of looking for hidden objects in pictures. She wondered how many versions of the letter A she could find in this picture.

She began to search, but other tasks called. No longer could she afford the time to play.
Don't expect me to do this every day!

Rosalind Adam said...

Nice idea, a blog competition within a blog competition. Sorry to hear you've still got internet problems. That's a real pain.

Unknown said...

Good one Rachel, make everyone else do all the work! Clever girl! Tsk tsk on you!

I will try to enter a few times, but I don't think I will have the time for many! Good luck with the challenge!

Sarah Tokeley said...

I'm going to have to come back to this one :-)

I see there are some great entries up already, nice one!

Tracy MacDonald said...

What a great way to handle the A to Z challenge. Most of my posts are done and scheduled already- still have 4 or so to go. I learned during the f
First Fourth campaign(?), the one about shadows crept across the wall..., that I really like writing flash fiction *big smile* so I'll be back for some post entries for sure.

Anonymous said...

Hi Rachel, Cool idea. Let me get into the grove of the A to Z Challenge and I will come back in a week and submit some entries.

Donna Martin said...

Mist At Daybreak

The morning mist seeped under Fiona's clothing and chilled her to the bone. How many times had she sat here waiting for his return? Will the mist never clear and show her the face of her true love again? Damn the day they told her his ship went missing, and damn the mist for taking him from her. Her world froze that day and now she is driven to return to the mist, to strain to catch a glimpse of his face, and to wait...

Stacy S. Jensen said...

An interesting idea. I hope you have a lot of participants. I'm beginning revisions and still have a few April posts to complete.

Tasha Seegmiller said...

Fun idea - hope you get an abundance of awesomeness.

Anonymous said...

maybe when I'm back from vacation and have caught up some...fun idea though.

Anonymous said...

No more writing for me this month. I'm taking a Sabbath from writing. My fingers thank me for this!

Unknown said...

That's too overwhelming for me. Good luck though.

Super Happy Jen said...

I like this idea! Probably write a couple of them though.

cleemckenzie said...

Alluring Alice awaited amidst an alien area, anticipating and adoring Alfred above all admirers.

Alice, alert and aware as Alfred appeared, announced, "Alfred, ahoy."

"Alas and adieu, Alluring Alice." Alfred apologized, adrift and away anon.

nutschell said...

Sounds like a great contest. Would definitely join if I hadn't 60+ blogs to visit a day. sigh. maybe next time! Hope you fix your computer issues.

jabblog said...

I'm not antagonistic and will attempt an answer, for what is a comment but an answer? Aggravating or anodyne remarks may be anathema to the author but anyone may fall foul or simply be too all-in to argue the ABCs of a case. So, apologies to the author.

The Writing Goddess said...

Fellow A-Z'r, waving hello and wishing you well in your contest. Not feeling the spare brain cells to jump in now, perhaps later.

Dawn M. Hamsher said...


He watched her as he had so many times before, but today was different. Something was wrong. She walked out on the rocks without her friends today when daylight still glinted on the water. She sat there for hours, sometimes rocking back and forth, sometimes bent over hugging herself. Her usual perfect hair hung lifeless and her perfect preppy clothes were mussed.

Danny looked out on the lake. He could no longer see the tree line. The mist was coming in and soon he wouldn't be able to see his hand in front of his face. He couldn't let her stay out there. She might slip in. He might lose her.

What should he do? His kind didn't talk to girls like Alisha. His kind watched them and dreamed about them, but didn't approach them. He would be in big trouble if anyone found out. He waited as long as he dared, then walked over by the shore. His heart was pounding and he could barely speak.

"H-hi," his voice cracked. "The mist is coming in. Y-you should come away from the water." He waited for what seemed a long time before she even looked up. When she did, her vacant tear-stained eyes slowly focused on him.

"You. You're the one --the one who watches me."

Danny said nothing.

"You shouldn't be here you know."

He nodded to himself and looked down.

She got up, walked off the rocks past him, and headed back to her parent's lake house.

He shouldn't have talked to her, but at least she was safe now. He followed behind her till he saw her enter the house. Then he stayed till he saw her bedroom light go on. He was about to turn away when he saw her come to the window. Was she looking at him? He couldn't tell for sure. Then her right hand touched the glass.

The Write Soil
1st Writes

Beverly Diehl said...

You've already got plenty of awesomeness filling up your comments. Just wanted to wave and say hi to another A-Z'r.

Christine Rains said...

Very cool idea! I'll have to wait until inspiration hits me, though.

Sand Castles and Snow Forts said...

I think I'm up for this. I'll be back to post my A entry... maybe. I'm going to add this to my blog and link back to you each day too if you don't mind. Always up for a challenge.

Sand Castles and Snow Forts said...

Here's the A post for me.. I know.. I'm a few minutes late for EST, but hey, I'm in CST so this is my cheat time.

Alone was always easy for me, but loneliness was overwhelming. Jonathan said he would come, but my heart feels his distance. Something was wrong. This was the place. He promised to meet back here when everything was finished. When all the bad that had taken hold of our lives had ended. It had been months since we parted and being without him felt like an eternity. Now time passed slowly, and the hour we were to meet had long gone.

Her heart began to race. What if he had been captured? What if he had been found? No one could be trusted, and Jonathan told her the only way to be together again was to run. He was going in to save his sister, and then he would find her. It was dangerous but, all the horror he would face was nothing if it meant freedom for those he loved.

Rachael Harrie said...

Ooh, awesome entries guys - I'm already thinking it's going to be terribly hard to pick winners!

@Sand Castles, no problem at all :)

On to B then *grins*



Kathleen said...

Love this a-z challenge within a challenge :) I'll be back to try on at least one of these and look forward to other's entries.

Visiting from a - z challenge

Living 2012

Sand Castles and Snow Forts said...

I got caught up in this so you're right.. on to B (by the way... this started out as something different, but became a continuation of the platform challenge... quite fun!

I can make it on my own if I have too. I won't have a choice. No choice. I know I can't sit here much longer. I have to hide. Remembering times before. I just have to focus on the before. Jonathan and I just found one another again. Years had kept us apart. It was worth all the loss of sleep to dream about tomorrow. He never seemed to have a care in the world before they came.

A complete invasion.

She would wait until the air shifted, but no longer. Hiding was a must a when the air grew brackish and thick, and sound seemed to bend as if the pressure in your ears would explode. Her brother was killed trying to protect her that first day, and she learned quick what the signs were that they were on the move. His last words to her. “Run!”

Sand Castles and Snow Forts said...

I got caught up in this so you're right.. on to B (by the way... this started out as something different, but became a continuation of the platform challenge... quite fun!

I can make it on my own if I have too. I won't have a choice. No choice. I know I can't sit here much longer. I have to hide. Remembering times before. I just have to focus on the before. Jonathan and I just found one another again. Years had kept us apart. It was worth all the loss of sleep to dream about tomorrow. He never seemed to have a care in the world before they came.

A complete invasion.

She would wait until the air shifted, but no longer. Hiding was a must a when the air grew brackish and thick, and sound seemed to bend as if the pressure in your ears would explode. Her brother was killed trying to protect her that first day, and she learned quick what the signs were that they were on the move. His last words to her. “Run!”

Unknown said...


The mist crept in around Avery as she knelt upon the rock. This day was no different than any other. She spent hours waiting and hoping her true love would come again.

The days turned into weeks, then months, but still she waited. Avery hoped he would rise from the murky waters, take her in his arms, whisper how much he missed her, and hold true to his promise to take her with him. Her beautiful, tear stained face never gave up hope.

The water began to churn and swirl until it grew into a huge dark hole, and the mist clouded her vision. Liam rose from the depth of the hole, and appeared in front of her. No words were uttered that day when he wrapped her in his arms as they disappeared into the deep, dark hole.

She sighed.

Traci Kenworth said...

I won't be participating in the A-Z challenge, but I wish you luck and will support you during this.

cleemckenzie said...

Okay, this is going to be terrible, but nothing ventured . . .

Bedraggled by being banished by BRACKISH bay, Beatrice beseeched Basil, "BEND Basil! Betrothals bespeak boundless beginnings."
"Begone, Beatrice," Basil belched.


Megan @ Here to Find Him said...

I love this idea!! I am a fellow (aspiring) writer and I think your challenge is awesome! I may have to try out a few this month :) Thanks for the suggestion!

Blessings to you!

Super Happy Jen said...

Barbara bit into the pickle, closing her eyes as she sucked in the brackish juice before it could dribble down her chin. She swiveled in the kitchen stool, one elbow resting on the kitchen counter.

“You’re enjoying that way too much,” Beth laughed. “It isn’t a man you know.”

Barb swallowed. “Good thing,” she said, waving the bitten gherkin. “This looks painful.”

Beth giggled again, wrinkling her freckle-sprinkled nose. They’d been hanging together since second grade.

“Who does this remind you of?” Beth held a crooked pickle.

Barbara felt her cheeks go red. She’d told Beth that she’d broken up with Brian because a slight bend in his penis had turned her off. She couldn’t bring herself to tell Beth the real reason: she loved someone else.

Barbara looked away, resisting the urge to caress Beth’s cheek. She could ruin everything, she knew, by revealing how her feelings had blossomed.

150 words

Kaye Draper said...

Breathing in the damp, heavy air, I made my way along the rocky outcropping. The sound of my footsteps over the bed of rocks was muffled by the fog. A chill raced down my spine, quickly followed by a rush of adrenaline. I wasn’t sure if I should be excited, or terrified. Blaine had asked me to meet him here- maybe he realized that I knew what he was.
There was a soft sound, and I looked down to see silent ripples of brackish water lapping against the large rock where I perched. The fog made it impossible to see more than a few feet in front of me-made it seem as if I were stranded in a sea of silver.
I turned sharply as a large seal slid onto the shore. I started to bend, stopping my reach when he shimmered, beginning to shift. “Blaine…”

jerichas said...

Yeah, dude. It’s all here. I set up this bend in the river real good. Pile of rocks, some nice brackish water, a swell mist, requisite tragic lady with hair spilling down. Okay, cue the monster. Three, two…

What, we’re not doing a monster? Whaddaya mean? Okay, how about a ship coming out of the fog? I got a real nice ship, plenty of masts, some good tattered sails….no? Maybe a flaming whatsitcalled, canoe thing, with a Viking? I got some great helmets –

Not that either? Uh, okay, what about a fin? I’ve got a real nice fin, stick it in the water behind her for good shock effect, bring up the Jaws theme tweaked a little bit…

Whaddaya mean, you want a sparkly vampire? Listen, dude, anyone could tell you, that’s just dopey. Trolls, maybe even a bear, okay, but nobody’s gonna buy something THAT dumb. Come on.

Michael Offutt, Phantom Reader said...

Oh my goodness...


My head just exploded. I think I'll let someone else who's an overachiever tackle this list. I'm tired just reading it. Off to watch House and Being Human instead >,<

Sharkbytes said...

I just signed on to the A-Z challenge, nearly at the last minute, but I'm trying to visit every blog at least once. I think the time this will take (over 1900 entries) will keep me from playing your game, although flash fiction is fun.

Vikki T said...

I won't be able to get involved in this one :(

I already planned what I was doing for the A-Z challenge, a characterisation a day :)


Sand Castles and Snow Forts said...

Well, I've made it to C but I don't know how much more I'll do.

“Come back to me.” My only thought as I watch the water lap onto the rock where I sit. Jonathan was strong. He would find his way here, and perhaps he would bring others. He would never leave anyone behind.

Her thoughts went back to a time when anger separated them. He had changed. She saw it in his eyes. She heard it in his voice when he promised her forever. His love for her had carried him through years of torment. He never let go of the thought of her, and now, she had to believe he would find his way to her one last time. The warriors Jonathan led, five of their strongest, were going to destroy what they could and free as many as possible. Others were scattered and waiting.

The air seemed to sour. She was right. Something had gone wrong. They were coming.

Karen Walker said...

No way I can participate in what you are doing, but good luck, Rachel. Nice to meet you.

cleemckenzie said...

Mine may not be very good, but their short! Has to be points for that!

Castaway Clara considered causality. Could Clara's condition cease? Cautiously, Clara ceded control, collapsed--comatose.

Michael Offutt, Phantom Reader said...

Rach! I gots my cover art on my blog now! Squeeeee.

Masquerade Crew said...

When I first read this, I thought you might have a hard time getting entries as everyone is so busy this month, but all these comments proved that thought wrong.

Deniz Bevan said...

Christopher watched through the window as Catherine stepped across the rocks and lowered herself onto the shelf at the edge of the water. The fog wrapped its grey arms around them both. Her back was to him, yet even from this distance he could see the slump of her shoulders. Was there anything he could say that would make things right between them?
He stepped through the French doors and followed her down the trail. She did not stir at his approach.
"I'm sorry," he said. "I didn't mean to wreak this much havoc."

Sylvia H said...

Here is my April 3rd entry:

“Choose,” is all the guard said to Emilio before shoving two scarves in his face. He didn’t take the red one; choosing, even in the end, to defy Fidel Castro’s Communist regime.

“Return to me.”

Those were his wife’s last words before he had pushed the stolen rowboat out to sea. He was unsure if their infant son could survive the ninety miles to freedom but knew it was the only choice he had to save them.

As the scarf was placed over his eyes, Emilio wrapped his hand around the letter in his pocket.
“They can’t take our love away,” is how she ended it.

He was not scared now that he knew they were safe. These animals would choose when he died but they were banned from choosing how. As the firing squad raised their rifles, Emilio took his last free breath and shouted, “I love you, Carmen.”

cleemckenzie said...

Unfortunately for you, I have one--maybe two-- more of these in me. Ready or not:

Diedre, dazed, declared, "Don't debark, Donald."
Donald, decisively dared defiance. "Departure, dear Diedre, demands derring-do!"

Debra Harris-Johnson said...

Nice to meet you Rachel. Good luck to everyone

fab40foibles said...

Cool idea for a competition!

I was drawn to your name - I'm Rachael Harris!!

Chelsea Cameron said...

What a cool idea! I'll give this a shot for today (D)

Desi told me not to go. She told me that Dark Things lived at the edge of the lake. But I went anyway. Perhaps it was desperation that called me to that thick, dank water. Perhaps it was something else.

All I knew was that it called to me. It sang a song only I could understand. Spoke words only I could hear.

And I had to listen.

I'll be back for more entries, but for now that's all I've got :). My email is chel(dot)c(dot)cam(at)gmail(dot)com. Thanks!

Sylvia H said...

I don't know if I can do all of them, but this sure is fun. Thanks for doing this.
D is for Deadly
Dark and lovely was how Polly frequently described me. Now that she is gone, I am sure she would add one more word to her depiction: deadly. No one, including my good for nothing family, would ever dare say that the youngest daughter of Mayor Jessup was a bad seed; which is quite funny if you think about it, because that’s how I killed her; with a single sunflower seed. And as they lay her to rest in a shoebox in my backyard I can’t help but look around, and smile, knowing that I finally am free from that darn bird’s incessant cries.

Anonymous said...

Hello! Stopping by for the A to Z Challenge. Interesting idea. Good luck to everyone who is participating in the contest!


cleemckenzie said...

Everything Evelyn eyed, evoked endless ennui. Eventually, exasperated, Evelyn expired.

Matthew MacNish said...

Good luck with your internet!

cleemckenzie said...

"Fred!" Fiona, fearful-forlorn, fretted. Fred's flight failed for Fred floated facedown.
"Farewell, Fred." Fiona fell, famished.

As you can see I don't even have a straw to grasp on this letter, F!

Tracy MacDonald said...

I have come to love writing flash fiction- thanks for putting this together. An entry for F-day:

Her forlorn eyes burned through mine with a depth of rage, anger and disappointment that was furiously unwavering. Our three years apart had taken a toll on her trust in me. I suppose I deserved that.
We navigated the narrow pathway and made our way to the edge of the lake. The air was thick with fog; a storm surely brewing. The grey of the sky mimicked Anna’s eyes, or maybe her eyes felt the fury in the clouds and gusts of wind. The sky grew ominous. Birds took flight looking for coverage distracting both of us; for just a moment.
“You can go now,” she said to me.
“Why would I do that?”
“Why wouldn’t you? You left me in a war torn country with no rules and no one who cared whether I lived or died.”
“But I came back for you,” I pleaded.
“Too late,” she said.

A2ZMommy and What’s In Between

k~ said...

This might be a nice way to go about this in the month of May hehehhehe. It was creative though :-)

Stopped through from the A-Z Challenge.

A-Z 2012 (#49) - Bloggit Write A-Z 2012 - Poetry
A-Z 2012 (#861) - Bloggit Write A-Z 2012 - Haiku

cleemckenzie said...

Gwendolyn, glimpsing Gregory's gift--glittery glass--gasped, "Gregory, great glass."

Can someone send me some aspirin?

cleemckenzie said...

Gwendolyn, glimpsing Gregory's gift--glittery glass--gasped, "Gregory, great glass."

Can someone send me some aspirin?

cleemckenzie said...

"Help!" Helen hailed half-breed, Harry.

Harry, halfway hooved and haltered, hoisted Helen high, hastily.

(Bad H. Very bad.)

Lynn Proctor said...

just saw your blog--what a great idea

cleemckenzie said...

Are you ready for I?

Impish Iris is isolated, island-bound, immersed in imagining infamous, immortal Ian.

Ian, intuiting Iris's interest, initiates intimacy. "Iris, I idolize imps.

Anonymous said...

I come here often...

I see the hopes, the uncertainities and the dreams on the horizons of future, ahead of me.

I see the lessons , the mistakes and the regrets of my past, on those reflections behind me.

I sit and wonder of all the power of today that I carry within me.

I come here alone but I always find a friend within me.

I come here with bags of burden and I always find space to empty it out.

I come here feeling empty and I always fill it up with ever more pleasant things to carry back and give away.

I come here with joy and I always peace and contentment to go with it.

I come here often.

nemoswriting said...

I come here often...

I see the hopes, the uncertainities and the dreams on the horizons of future, ahead of me.

I see the lessons , the mistakes and the regrets of my past, on those reflections behind me.

I sit and wonder of all the power of today that I carry within me.

I come here alone but I always find a friend within me.

I come here with bags of burden and I always find space to empty it out.

I come here feeling empty and I always fill it up with ever more pleasant things to carry back and give away.

I come here with joy and I always peace and contentment to go with it.

I come here often.

Unknown said...

Love your blog. When you get the chance (computer problems the worst), pop over to my blog. I'm the author of the Bella and Britt series...

nemoswriting said...

This is for the 'J' day.

Juggling life, Juggling life,
Am I being a real good wife?
In a relation, there will be strife,
Show me ways to get back on stride.

Jolly life, Jolly life,
Its a boon being a housewife.
I am there for my son, all the time,
Enjoying Moterhood while his innocence chimes.

Jealous life, Jealous life,
Jealous of all those women whose career flies.
I'll find my knack and have it crack.
I'll have my career too, back on track.

Juggling life, Jugggling life,
Too many things come rippling by.

Family and Friends are oyster pearls,
Value their treasures and keep them deep.
Everything else are just those waves,
If you miss one, you'll have another to sweep.

Angela Ackerman said...

Great tie in to A to Z. One thing I really admire are people who think outside the box and innovate. And that's you!


Unknown said...

12th April 2012
Hi Rachel,
I like your idea, but I only saw it now, April 12th!
But I'll try anyway.

I'll returen with news of my story.
Best wishes,
of Anna's Adornments

Anna's A-Z, the letter K

Unknown said...

Hi Rachel,
I'm back.
This story is for Saturday April 14th and the wordcount is 121. I have at least four words that start with the letter M.
Here's mt text:
Marion had her moods. She sat on a large, smooth, round, river-rock, and watched the gentle flow of dried leaves floating along like little boats for tiny faeries.

I should have had wings instead, she mumbled to herself, as she looked down at her legs and remembered what they once were. It was really a lot like flying, swimming in the depths of the sea. She no longer had gills either. She only breathed air now, loosing them about the same time as her tail-fin desolved into toes.

Marion seemed happy, but sometimes she would sit on the edge of the river and stare for hours at the water. It was as if she missed her old life as a mermaid.
Best wishes,

My email is:
adornment [at] live [dot] se

my blog is:
Anna's Adornments

danneromero said...

Sounds fun, and challenging.

nemoswriting said...

The entry for the day - K

Knowledge is as vast as me.
I hold the key to all the mysteries.

It depends on what you bring to me
A cusp, a pail, a bowl or a bucket,
A pocket, a jacket, a bagpack or a truck.
I'll give you to the brimful of whatever you get.

Oh Fair Lady, what makes you sit so still,
A step ahead is all that it takes,
To feel the cool waters, to plunge in for a dive
For, I assure you, that seeking knowledge
Is the sole fun of being alive

Knowledge sets you free,
To hover like a kestral, to soar like an eagle
To reign like a king or to roam like a dinosaur
To rise, or to float, to run or to rule.

Knowledge is as vast as me.
Seek, Explore and Immserse in me.

nemoswriting said...

My entry for the letter 'L'

Longing to see you
Longing to feel your touch
Longing to tell you

I Love you so much

Over the clouds
And from under the waves,
Over the leaves
And from under the roots,
Over the rainbow
And from under the volcano,
Over the rocks
And from under the oceans.

Love will always find its way

And I sit here, hoping that my loneliness
Leaves its way for your return - The love of my life.

cleemckenzie said...

(Lucky for you, my computer developed a virus, so I couldn't post on J, K or L, but look out here's M.)

Mary mulls mindlessly. "Marvin," Mary muses, "makes marriage murky."

"Me?" Marvin manages, muttering. "Missy Mary makes marriage mayhem!"

(Are you sure you didn't sabotage my computer, Rache?)

Unknown said...

Its Sunday 15/4/2012 and I am submitting my first entry for your post Rach. I have a flash fiction using the prompt which includes a word starting with each letter of the alphabet:

I stood watching Veronica as she sat upon the outcrop of rocks, watching the mist roll in across the still waters, covering the sparkling blue lake like a blanket. As night took possession of the surrounding bushland, I knew that we should be on our way before it got any darker, but I did not want to disturb her as she reflected upon her grief, even though it was ours to share.

Zane, our young baby had passed, the doctors not quite understanding why, gave an explanation which did not suffice, a mysterious illness that could not be named. He had been x-rayed, probed and tested, but nothing identifiable was distinguished by the specialists. Although they found him to be suffering jaundice. At least he’d not suffered for long, which gave me some solace, but as for Veronica, she was yet to come to terms with our loss.

nemoswriting said...

This was for the 'M' day but I couldnt even touch my laptop yesterday. So, I guess it can be a "free choice" entry for today.

"Meet me at midnight" was all that you said before you disappeared.

It’s been a year since the day you said that.

Slipping out before midnight and sneaking back in at dawn has been easy, but waiting this long wait for you has been the hardest.

I don't blame you. I sensed this was coming, the day I met you. You, the millionaire’s heir, falling in love with me, the little Village witch’s daughter would never be accepted. Not by anyone.

But, I am not like my mom. And that’s the truth that no one else understands, but you.

“Maid in mistress” he whispered. “Tonight, meet him at midnight” was all that he said before he disappeared. I must have gone numb listening to it. Numb with fear, anxiety and eagerness. Numb with Hope.

I sit here paralyzed, impatient for this midnight, the midnight of my life. “You are coming!!!”

Jenn said...

<> Cool challenge! I hope to be able to dedicate more time to the latter half now that the move and apartment are settled and such! Thanks, Rachael. Hope the computer issues get resolved.

clarbojahn said...

I tried one or two then came back to find we were on to the next one. So was confused by the instructions. I didn't know we were to do one for each day and now I'm hopelessly behind.

As you say "A comment for a hug" :)

Here's a hug and a comment. don't count on me for anything else. I got too confused.

nemoswriting said...

I cant seem to catch up with time :). But, still, "Better late than never" is what drives me till here.

My entry for the letter 'N'.

No, it can’t be true.
You are coming back. Aren’t you???

All you did was go for a swim, out to the river, with your best chums
And, they come to tell me, that you got drawn into that whirlpool. To never come back ever.

It doesn’t make sense to me.

Where is that whirlpool now?
Why was it you?
Why you?

The void that you have left behind, what shall I fill it with?
The world that you have left me in, whom shall I live with?
And all that is left now, is a calm river. And a whirlpool in me that has sucked out all else in me.

Where is that whirlpool?

I shall wait for it.
Wait right here for it.

I am coming with you my dear, coz, this time, I am taking a different vow.

“Till, not even death, can do us part”

nemoswriting said...

My entry for the letter 'O'

I sit oriented facing east.
Looking at the mists rise,
Watching the fog give its way,
For the sparkling dew drops, in the rising sun.

I sit oriented anticipating spring.
Waiting for the rebirth of those thorny trees,
For those longer days and shorter darks,
And eager for more colors in my life.

I sit oriented, ready for new beginnings
I might have failed, yet again, this time.
But, the lessons that I learn from my mistakes,
Are all the stepping stones, to my own success.

About JollyJilly said...

I carried my own suitcase as I pushed through the steam and entered the Orient Express. The adventure had began

About JollyJilly said...

Sorry forgot to say I am now following love the blog and come visit me any time

cleemckenzie said...

Ophelia, owning only one oar, opined o'er ocean obscure. "Oliver, only one oar!"

Oriental and optimistic, Oliver offered, "Only one oar. Only one oarsman, Ophelia."

(Do I still get a hug in spite of these things?)

Patricia Stoltey said...

No time, no time...but the prompt idea is a good one for a month that's not A to Z. Right now I'm just focused on meeting as many new bloggers as possible.


cleemckenzie said...

Poppy posed, pining. "Pedro, por que palabreria pequeno?"

"Por que, Poppy? Por que Pedro plain parched.

(Send in the Spanish when all else fails.)

Nemo :) said...

My entry for the letter 'P'.

Perseverence - The one that has kept me up so far, the one that will help me reach my dreams.

Looking back, the journey has been on enduring footsteps on thorny roads of the sharp ridged, steep rocks. Criticisms and Cynicisms at every step of mine, all attacking ever stronger than before to make me quit.

But, I Wont Quit. Not This Time.

Discouragement is, but a fuel that has kept me going on!!!

Yes, you might have had your day every time you have had me doubting my abilities. Every time that I have let my self respect sidetrack, just to accomodate you.

But, let me assure you one thing - That, soon enough - I will be the one with the last laugh.

You may do whatever, but you cant stand long enough, blocking my ways of passion.

nemoswriting said...

Another entry for the letter 'P'

Prayers to the Sun God mark the beginning of a day in Hinduism.
The sun God is known as – Ravi, Bhanu, Aruna, Divakara, Dinakara, Surya, Aditya, Bhaskara, Mitra and a 108 other names.

Salutations to the lord, the one who reins the world on his vanquishing chariot pulled by a horse with seven heads, the provider of heat, light and seasons are in three forms.

• Sandhya Vandane is offering water to the God, “Argya Samarpane”. It is a daily ritual, done at dawn, standing in the water that is chest deep.
• Surya Namaskara the salutations of prostrating before the lord is an ancient Hatha Yoga Asanasa practiced widely all over the world.
• Chanting of the revered Gayathri Mantra –
Om bhūr bhuva svaha tát savitúr váren(i)yam
bhárgo devásya dhīmahi dhíyo yó naha pracodáyāt

"May the divine light of the Supreme Being illuminate our intellect, to lead us along a path of righteousness".

Salutations to you – Sun God, so that the day may start and end in peace.

Sylvia H said...

Here is my P entry

“Para usted,” was all I could make out of the conversation as the handsome Spaniard handed me a sample of the cheese. As I took a bite I tried to think of something witty to say.

“Perdona mi Español. Estoy embarazada. Me gusta este queso feo.”

Apologizing to him for my Spanish and complimenting the cheese made him smile. He leaned in close to me where I could make out the green specks in his amazing eyes.

“You said, “Pardon my Spanish. I’m pregnant and I like this ugly cheese.’”

Mortified, I grabbed my groceries and turned to leave whispering to myself.


nemoswriting said...

My entry for the letter 'Q'

Countries quote us as ‘Terrorists’. A war is upon us.
But there are just as many innocent people here as there are corrupt ones.
And it is just as is, in any other country out there in the world.

Yet, no one has any qualms about this war. I guess no one, but me.

How can it be so quiet on the outside,
When there is a shouting match going on inside?

How can there be bird chirps and tweets here,
When all that you hear on the land are gun fires?

How can the air be so much purer and fresher,
When all that you breathe out there is bomb smoke?

How can there still be clear waters here,
When there are rivers of blood flowing on the land?

How can life still go on so unchallenged here,
When, out there, death is just a quick matter of seconds?

nemoswriting said...

My entry for the letter 'R'

I am running a race, where the finish line keeps shifting ahead every time I have reached it. Time and again, you have reminded me that I am not good enough. That, the bars that define the standards have risen each time before I have reached them.

And I wonder what would happen if I stop running. What would happen if I run the other way? Run away!!! Never to return.

I appreciate all those people who leave their present tying it as their past and dive head first to embrace the unknown future. What reigns ahead, no one knows, but what rallies behind are those thorns, ready to pierce our relation beyond repair.

I see a storm brewing its way. Raging Thunderstorms and Rainfalls peek from those red dark clouds above, reflecting on these waters. But, there is always something to look forward to, when all this is over.

- A rainbow

Teresa Cypher said...

What a fun idea! I was out perusing A to Z blogs and found yours.

My entry for Saturday, April 21 is this: !

"She sat alone on the shore. The mist veiled a silent world. Her thoughts drifted like the creatures aimlessly slinking in the gray water.

How long had she been here? Memories washed in... wave after wave, ebb and flow...time. But it had been only moments...mere moments since gazing at her reflection on the water--a polished, steel-gray mirror of liquid ashes. Chestnut locks framed her youthful face.

The whispered tales of this place were lies. A time thief? Sorcery?

The mist, white petals falling, snowflakes? No...mist.

She wrapped her arms in front of her damp clothing.

The leaves. Gone again... or...still?

She shivered, extended her fingers to dip in the water. Her brows furrowed at the old woman's hand at her wrist.

Leaning over to touch the water, she gasped.

Staring back was an old woman... her face framed in mist-gray locks."

Thanks for the prompt :-)

Unknown said...

Hey Rach, thought I would submit a second entry, hope you like it:

It had been devastating, I really don't know how I had escaped almost unharmed, only a few burns and some cuts. As I sat quietly next to the once pristine waters which before, had been a recreation ground for the many tourists who had visited the area for Xmas to enjoy the water sports the lake had to offer.

I contemplated the demise of the world now, if I would find a zone unscathed by the blasts which had been meant as a retaliation but which had become an almost total annihilation of plant and animal life on this planet.

I sat breathing in the ash cloud surrounding me, I yearned for the world to be back to how it once was, but it would never be. Labouring to breathe I carefully began my journey, venturing forwards to find others who had also somehow miraculously survived the atrocity.

Sylvia H said...

i didn't start the words with all the letters but I used them all. Here is my entry:

“What is unusual about the sentence, ‘ The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog?’”

Rebecca sighed. Getting Ethan halfway ready to talk to girls was going to be a challenge. His awkward mannerisms and lack of eye contact were difficult to ignore.

Forcing his face over, she made him look into her eyes. “Not the best line to start a conversation with. Try again.”

She watched him turn and stare off into the distance. He had quiet moments where he processed. She took that time to examine him closely. If she didn’t know he was Autistic she would have thought he was simply shy, maybe even conceited because he was actually very good looking.

It startled her when he turned and faced her. Looking into her eyes, he smiled, “You’re the most beautiful, annoying person I have ever met.” Blushing, she remembered what she liked most about Autistic people: their honesty.

nemoswriting said...

My entry for the letter 'T'

The secret of Success is in Thoughts ,
You think you can do it, You think you can't, You are always right.

The secret of Achievement is in Today,
Do Today, what you wanted to do Tomorrow.

The secret of Happiness is in This moment,
Live the Present. Yesterday is History. Tomorrow, a mystery.

The secret of Talent is Toil,
No pains, No gains.

The secret of Getting is Giving,
Taking less than you accept goes a long way.

The secret of Help is in You,
You have Ten fingers and Toes at your command.

The secret of Teaching is in Learning,
The world is spinning faster than you perceive.

The secret of Accomplishment is in Teamwork,
The Thumb, though special, fails without other fingers.

The secret of Contentment is in Thanking,
Count your blessings. You do have more than you need.

The secret of Long life is in Simplicity,
Simple living and High Thinking is in itself a Treasure.

Sorry for the previous entry. I was signed into gmail under a different id. Please delete that if possible!!

cleemckenzie said...

I was really cranking out some super A to Z prose here, Rach; then my computer crashed and I fell woefully behind. Just wanted you to know that I didn't lose interest or confidence in those pithy pieces of mine, I just lost my C drive!

Tracy MacDonald said...

An entry for the letter V. I love the challenge of writing ff. :)
Back at the lake again; shivers of cold and deep loss flowing through my veins. My youth gone, buried forever in the memory of the accident that tore my heart apart leaving it damaged and lifeless. Navigating my way carefully to the edge of my youth, for most it’s simply a lake, the memories flooded back. Moonlight, hearts pounding, a kiss, finally acknowledging passions we tried to ignore, and then the vile sound of crashing. Darkness, cold, shrieking, flailing, gasping for breath, and finally searching. Endless searching. The body never recovered, a love halted before its time, and my never ending nightmares. This would be my last visit to the lake, the disease having overtaken my body to the point where options to continue living are no more. Finally, peace.
A2ZMommy and What’s In Between

nemoswriting said...

My parents made a big mistake. They thought you were a venerable man of the Lord. The one, sent to raise us from the dust. They failed to validate your values, failed to look behind your veils that revealed your vague vagaries. They trusted you. Blindly and Completely.

And all you did was to turn them to ashes. What did they do to you? What were you after?

Our quiet little valley will never be the same. Every family has a loss. And this has to be vanquished.

I escaped your wrath, time and again. But, I had to come back. You called this vendetta upon yourself and I had to be a Vampire to end this.

Vengeance tastes sweet.

This is where I laid their ashes. And as promised, I have come here to pray that now, may their souls rest in peace.

nemoswriting said...

My entry for the letter 'W'.

Wanderlust. That’s what runs in my veins. I can’t sleep at night; I can’t stay awake from my day dreams. What lies beyond these waters? What lies beneath the clear blue skies? What lies past those horizons?

Soft murmurs that sneak up to my ear amidst the howling wind call me. The rolling waves and tinkling ripples lay out a carpet welcoming me. The long green grass of the whispering meadows rift apart, making way for me. The indigo skies and twinkling stars shine bright to light up my way.

The world ahead, beyond and around is on its toes waiting for me.

And I am set, to explore the land beyond our little island.

Wait for me. I’ll be back to huddle around the warmth of the night fires, to sip in late tea and to share my voyages and adventures.

I am going to chase those wanderlust wonders.

Unknown said...

Hi Rach, below is my third entry for your challenge. It is a little different to how I usually write, enjoy!

I pondered the legend of the monster, which supposedly existed under the now murky water, as I looked out across the lake. Monsters, of course they didn’t exist!

I picked up the perfect rock, smooth and thin to skim across the surface. Maybe I could beat my own record of seven skips. Facing the water, I lifted my arm to the right angle and projected it across the surface. One, two, three, it zigzagged to the right, four….

A splash behind me. I jumped and lost count. I turned to leave as a dense mist rolled in, but something grabbed my ankle. I started to panic as I was dragged closer to the water.

Viscously struggling with my captor, my heart beat faster!

Ha, ha! Laughing, I could hear laughing? I looked up to see young Xander pointing to my feet and Kirk rising quickly from under the water!

nemoswriting said...

I wrote this for the day when the letter was 'S' but forgot to submit it. How silly?

Success doesn’t come silent,
It comes with drumrolls, parties and celebrations.
It gets name fame and money.
It brings lots and lots of people.

And it brought with it an illusion, that it would last forever for me.

Success was the crest of a wave in my life,
The trough of failure was slinking right below it.
I missed seeing it, until it hit me real hard,
And the night that was the heyday for me, ended abrupt.

A new face, a fresh voice, and an unpolished talent,
Was all that it took to knock me off those high heels.
I had failed to realize till now, that this was exactly what I had done
To the pretty girl, whose shoes, that I had stepped into.

The story repeats for her too. She won’t be spared.
And I just pray that, on that day, she be better prepared than me.

nemoswriting said...

This entry was for the letter 'U'. I was too late to submit it, So, here they go under the 'free choice' entry.

There was love; only, it felt like I was drowning in it.
There was care, only it stringed freedom off my neck.
There was concern, only it turned judgmental to all I did.
There were thoughts about me, only, it consumed all your time.

The all-deceiving youth in me had made me shut my mind.

I was reckless, I was irresponsible. I was blind.
I said ‘no’ for the sake of saying it.
I did all those things that you warned me from.
I knew you loved me but I challenged you to prove it.

Unsure of what I am doing, I ran from myself to unknown land, so far, that I can’t return back, no matter how much I want to.

You were right, all along.
I am sorry.

I have damaged much more than sorrys can repair.
I want to come back. I do.
Will you accept me?

nemoswriting said...

Another entry under free chaoice. My brain isnt raking anything for X, Y and Z.

The man in the moon is coming down to meet the lady of the lakes.

The cool spiraling breezes sing love songs. The lotuses bloom to fill the air with a lovely fragrance. The swans dance to the songs of the fishes and the fog sets up a lacey veil.

The mood is set. The time has come. The lovers, whose love extends beyond their distance are destined to meet under the glittery starlight.

They met every night, filling the world around them in love until one day, when the Sun got jealous of them.

He came, all mighty and powerful, all brilliant and radiant proposing the lady of the lakes. But, she turned him down. Ashamed and embarrassed he waged a war with the moon, capturing him and chaining him to revolve around the earth.

And ever since then, they both wait, eagerly, for the full moon day.

Lisa Southard said...

A brilliant idea, which I'm sorry not to have participated in (- still made it through the A-Z though-) maybe next year?! :-)

aisyahputrisetiawan said...

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